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Where are Raijin and Sakata Kintoki?

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Where are Raijin and Sakata Kintoki?

Postby RRTrax » 22 Oct 2018, 11:26

New player here. I got these 2 Event quests to see those NPCs, but the green arrows I follow are a dead end at the Mace Fountain. I have searched around and did Says to ask others, but no help there except someone said that the event was over and the NPCs were removed, and Kintoki was behind another NPC which I can't find, either.
Is there a NPC locator for the map that shows where NPCs are if you type in the name or if they are quest/game related ones?
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Re: Where are Raijin and Sakata Kintoki?

Postby LtSnowy » 22 Oct 2018, 15:02

I assure you that whoever has told you that the events are over and the NPC's removed is unfortunately correct. Those events were a while ago, and even I missed out on two of them. The most you can do is ignore them, because you cannot even discard them, as they simply come back. Cyberstep has yet to remove the quests for them.
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