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CyberStep maintenance sucks...

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CyberStep maintenance sucks...

Postby Marimo » 05 Nov 2018, 21:55

Gratz CS for going 2 hrs ahead instead of 1 hr ahead... Do you know math, or do you guys enjoy screwing everyone else's time... FFS! -_-

Dear PC Players: Maintenance will be occurring at 10pm PST due to the time change in America! We will be fixing minor bugs and resetting the server. Don't forget that our "Gragoyle" *noice spelling error CS* event is currently running~

Btw it's 9 PM over here *NOT* 10 PM. Apparently someone looked at his/her phone and forgot that phones auto change daylight savings, or the person forgot to rewind the clocks back at CS's HQ... -_-
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