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Gocash Gamecard

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Gocash Gamecard

Postby pterobeast » 19 Apr 2020, 18:33

Hi so I am new to buying OC online and cant figure it out. It wont let me authenticate my email so I was thinking of going with a Gocash Game card. How does buying one online work? Like do I get a tangible card in the mail or a redeemable code online? Thanks!
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Re: Gocash Gamecard

Postby Riddras » 19 Apr 2020, 20:53

Just to clarify, are you on USPC or Steam? You can check the payment options for USPC from the onigiri website:

As for gocashgamecard, all they said was to register and activate, unless you can get it physically from shops. You can contact CS about your email authentication issue using their form: under Billing.

I have never actually bought OC, but they do tend to respond relatively promptly when it comes to giving them money.
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