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Petition to Keep the 10 OC Energy Restores

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Petition to Keep the 10 OC Energy Restores

Postby Iku Nagae » 12 Jun 2017, 20:14 ... -en-server

After a bit of discussion, I decided to make a petition to keep the 10 OC energy restores, or at least bring to CS's attention that the 30 OC/restore regular rate is way too much.

In a nutshell, the main reasons are as follows:

-JP has had it for more than half a year now as a permanent feature, or at least they haven't had any warning that it will end in that time.

-So much content is locked behind high energy cost dungeons (Abyss Gargoyle, Odin, Eldritch Beast) that punish you heavily if you die even once for your drop rates, which are already low as is.

-Because of the fact that these dungeons still don't take long to finish (unless you die a lot, in which case you get nothing), you spend very little time actually playing in the endgame, but have to play every day to finish your gear. It drives players away pretty hard, as a result.

Of course, feel free to contribute to the discussion if you'd like! I've posted the petition on the Onigiri Facebook group as well, so there should (hopefully) be some discussion there.
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