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*walks into the introduction classroom*

Introduce yourself to fellow players here!

*walks into the introduction classroom*

Postby RenaNya~ » 23 Jun 2014, 09:55

*ahem* Image
Hai Hai everyone ^.^ Good day too you all. I am Rena x3 I used to go by the name "Nikkia" in Getamped2 (that one person with that entire pink character blah blah)
How was the beta? I know I enjoyed it Image Can't wait till I get back on.

I'm just a nice guy who likes to have fun playing rpgs. Ever since I recently graduated from High School, I felt the need to enjoy my current free time as much as I could while trying to progress for what I want for the future. Image
I would say I'm pretty much a casual gamer because pvp scares me. (The changes in people's personality can totally make you feel like you've met a new person)
Hopefully I will make some new friends and we all can hang out with each other. Something we all can do, making each other happy ^^
Too bad I feel a bit late about doing an intro.. I was too absorbed into learning what was best for me in this lovely game.
I am from Massachusetts which is in the United States. May possibly be the most friendly one there but who knows, can't say that it's a small village here.
By the way, If there were words that I could describe myself...
I would say "Weird, loyal, respectful, stubborn, adaptable"

I like to spend my time on games like these, you get to connect with new people and make new friends. Hopefully I'll make some friends here or online. There seems to be a lot of great people here in the forum. Hopefully you guys will maybe find me online? My IGN will be RenaNyan like in the beta. I plan to keep that name.

Well now would be the time for me to stop boring you with this long(unless you find it short) intro. Hope you all have a nice day. Will see ya all when our times meet. Image
Nyako: Lv 18

RenaNya~: Lv 17 (dps assult)
RenaNyan: Lv 5 (Mage)
RenaNya: Lv 25 (Supportive healer)
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Re: *walks into the introduction classroom*

Postby Kiku » 25 Jun 2014, 00:12

Hello o/ It's nice to meet you :D
I totally understand that PvP feeling OTL
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