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Hey Guys.

Introduce yourself to fellow players here!

Hey Guys.

Postby Laei » 01 Jul 2014, 12:15

If you see me in game, feel free to throw a 「こんにちは」 or  「よろしく」 my way. (I'm not that good at speaking it, but I'm working at it).

I'm a female gamer (shout out to all mah sistaaaaahs playing Onigiri!) *^_^* And I'm taken. Sorry fellas.
I'm gonna be casually playing, but I'm open for joining a clan/guild/group that will accept that.

Erm. ehm. um. Good to meet you all.

I'mona be Samurai-wielding an axe like a BAWSS. (I hope.)

Alright, Shugah-sweet, see you guys in-game. *thumbsup*
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Re: Hey Guys.

Postby Naku » 01 Jul 2014, 12:17

oh rare to see other open female gamer
ah that hiragana...ugh why i forgot everything except "i" and "a"
and nice to meet cha too~
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