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Your character's back story

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2016, 17:53
by Michael Eh?
Creating a character's stats and appearance is a personal choice. The game in some sense controls your character but what is your character(s) [if you play more than one] back story. Be inventive... ;)

Re: Your character's back story

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2016, 18:01
by Michael Eh?
I guess since I started this I start off with ThirTeen
Being from a large family, she was always known as the thirteenth child. Even Kiichihougen referred to her as 'ThirTeen'. She strived to make a name for herself but no matter what achievement, what goal, whatever, folks simply referred to her as 'ThirTeen' but somewhere in trying to be special and different she forgot one important thing.... her own name.

Re: Your character's back story

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2016, 23:01
by Miyano311
Lvl 69 already??

Re: Your character's back story

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2016, 12:53
by Michael Eh?
Not so difficult. I rather pick off the monsters one by one. Trying to keep those quests at bay by finishing them up before I get too bogged down. Been playing two characters, learning off one so I can sail through with the other. Getting Blue Moon really helped.

Re: Your character's back story

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2016, 13:01
by Michael Eh?
And now for my fun character, Lichee, the little TANK girl...

"I'm a giant I tell you!"

The magistrate just rolled his eyes. "Seriously little girl do you really expect me to believe this?"

The little girl pouted as she crossed her arms. Others in the court laugh. The accused had a different reaction .... fear.

The accused were a surviving group of notorious bandits and by the looks of it, were on the short end of a very long stick. Lichee stared over at the thugs. Their reactions were to cower in place.

"So who are these guys?" the magistrate barked.

"These are the gang that has been terrorizing the area. The one in the corner is notorious murderer." answered the guard.

The magistrate's eyebrow raised ... "Wasn't this the group with giant yagyo-san?"

"Yes, we're still trying to recover it." the guard answerd.

"Still on the loose?" the magistrate quized.

"No, we're still trying to extract it from the ground where we found it along with remains of tora gate." the guard retorted.

The magistrate was now completely confused.

Lichee muttered, "The tori gate was the only thing my size I could use at the time...."

"...But it's their fault! They insulted my mother!" roared Lichee pointing at the group of ex thugs.

The magistrate stared back at Lichee then back to the guard. "So where is their leader?"

"We found part of him about a quarter mile away from where his henchmen said he was hit."

The magistrate quietly thought ... "part?" ... "hit?" instead he asked "What happened to him? Got torn apart by wild animals when he tried to escaped?"

"No, according to witnesses he was torn in half by the blow from being hit by the tora gate and sent flying." the guard sheepishly offered as a reply.

To this the magistrate just buried his face in his hands.

---to be continued....

Re: Your character's back story

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2016, 18:29
by Khaos Muffins

This looks like something you'd see on

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