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complete newbie says "hello"

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complete newbie says "hello"

Postby BigWhiffa » 22 Sep 2016, 12:58

hello everyone. i picked up onigiri on my xb1 a couple weeks ago and thought i would see what the difference might be on my pc. by complete newbie, i mean i have no prior experience with any MMORPG. been solely a console gamer till now. huge learning curve ahead for me i'm sure. been only playing single player campaigns on the xb1 so far. if there is any veteran knowledge you care to share to keep me out of trouble i'd be glad to hear it. thanks. happy gaming everyone.
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Re: complete newbie says "hello"

Postby Icefoxz » 23 Sep 2016, 00:58

Join our discord server! You can ask lots of things related/unrelated to the game there
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Re: complete newbie says "hello"

Postby AngelOfAnarchy » 04 Oct 2016, 13:33

Remember to always use smelting reset buttons if there's any chance of losing your weapon, even if it's just 10% (I've seen friends lose good weapons with only 10% chance of loss, and once it's gone, sorry but it's GONE). You don't need the buttons for the first few smelts though, just pay attention to when the chance of loss goes from 0% to 10%.
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