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Stuck at Login.. NOT 01007

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Stuck at Login.. NOT 01007

Postby SaccredKenji » 04 Jan 2018, 22:21

Every time i close the game after install i have to reinstall just to play again, i reinstall to my external hhd, and the game crashes upon opening, so then I'm forced to reinstall to (C:), and when i close the game and open it again I'm stuck at login with logging in window just there. I've Seen a thread here on the same topic, but no one replied.

Plz help I quit this game on xbox cause it wasn't good there, and i return back to this, really. it makes the console version better just because it starts.i want to play your game but it seems to me like devs add more content instead of making sure the game runs good because i think this game can use a serious amount of patching before adding more female character outfits thus not allow me to play because it is not optimized well i have a 1060 6gb with i7 and i lag hard on the main city that new players are. i dont uderstand, are the devs indie or do they have a stable budget? i wonder sometimes. the longer i wait for a solution from a player of the game, who somehow managed to do what the devs could not, the longer i can't play this game.
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Re: Stuck at Login.. NOT 01007

Postby Riddras » 05 Jan 2018, 18:47

The developers rarely, if ever, reply to forum posts. Sorry I have no solution myself. May I suggest submitting a help ticket instead for your particular issue?
>Login on website, under support, go to Contact Us. You can submit enquiries, reports, etc from there.

But do keep in mind they are currently on limited support because of new years holidays.
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