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S> Some gears and magatamas

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S> Some gears and magatamas

Postby Miyano311 » 24 Oct 2016, 23:47

Selling some stuff that should help you get over Edo (if used correctly). Including 3 Cyphers, 1 Annapurna and 1 Heavenly Tiger Claw Twin Blade; 1 Caduces with Rapid Storm and Resu.
I'll post the full weapon stats later.
Also selling Araya, Dusk, Bloody Festival, Asougi, Melon, Gokan, Nekomata magatama (all clean) for min price.
PM me in-game or in the forum if you wish to buy.
Forgot my IGN rip (lvl 12- wait I forgot that too)
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