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Smexy Me Group Chat Recruitment

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Smexy Me Group Chat Recruitment

Postby Moe Moe Kyun » 09 Aug 2014, 18:50

Smexy Me Group Chat is now open for recruitment!
About This group chat(GC) vision is to provide a fun and friendly environment for players from all over the globe. Our aim to foster strong bonds within our members.

We are;
Respect each others.
Help others members if we arent busy.
Think positive.
Take joke and not take it as serious.
Open minded.
Most of us "Otakus".

We looking for;
Active. 2hours/day or 4days/week. Umm, active in our raidcall considered fine if you refuse to active ingame, that should do cos mostly we all gather at our raidcall group and play different game :D

Respect others. If our friends did a mistake or do something wrong dont anyhow scold and level doesnt matter. What level they are, respect and dont make them your slave.

Good Attitude. No talk c***. No show off your pride because you the highest level, the richest, the strongest. example "you low level then me, why i need to listen to you? im stronger then you and you should listen and obey my order" this kind of person brain is smaller then lice. Save your pride when you level 110 and beat up x20 Tiamat at once.

Open minded. Easy join conversation and not shy to start conversation or ask anything.

Think positive. If we said pt is full, so its full. Dont think we trying to ignore you. If we dont reply we are busy run for life in dungeon, afk or doing some stuffs that not notice your message.

Friendly. We actually "Happy Ponies House" we bring good enviroment inside. LOL.

Level: Honestly, i dont care about level to join, but atleast level 20+ because you might says "im level 5 and this game is fun!" after you level 15+ and you found this game the worst and leave this game immediately without notice us and that meh, waste 1 slot already (GC dont have kick system yet).

Send your short application here and add me ingame: Uiharu

Our Channel : Raidcall 6051400 (Member Permission).
Soon! : Facebook Group

Current GC status; 18/30
Ganbattene mina san! cant wait to get new members to hang with! :D :D :D
Dont flip my skirt! You so pervert, Saten-san! (╥﹏╥)
IGN - Uiharu 7x
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