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[edit] looking for player to party together,

Looking for a static farming group? Need help clearing a story quest? Make plans with other players here!

[edit] looking for player to party together,

Postby thoxenzor » 01 Oct 2014, 07:41

Hi, I am currently lv42, story progress till kyoto,(1-2 more quest/step to sekigahara I guess)

daring class, bow user here,

looking for talkative group here, or maybe we can create one, I usually play at evening / night /midnight, GMT +8 time.

IGN : CandyCross

you can leave your ign too, i will add you in-game.

I like to discuss thing so any topic is an OK for me, Anime fans, Animation & 3d animation fans too. haha
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Re: looking for player to carry & finding talkative group

Postby Color » 01 Oct 2014, 22:15

Hi im a new player too (level 10) and is looking for people to play and level with :3
hook me up~ <3
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Re: [edit] looking for player to party together,

Postby CharRaven » 03 Oct 2014, 00:01

add me up CharRaven lvl34 thanks :D
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