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[LFG] Xbox & PS4

Looking for a static farming group? Need help clearing a story quest? Make plans with other players here!

[LFG] Xbox & PS4

Postby KingDezire » 15 Sep 2016, 22:51

Hello Everyone,

I've been playing Onigiri for a few weeks now & i have noticed there are very few lfg related topics on this site so i figured this would be a good opportunity to start one!

So This is How it Works Post Your Xbox Gamertag / PlayStation username Along with your character name and level! here's an example of how it should look..

1. Gamertag / PSN
2. Character Name & Level
3. Mission / Task You are attempting to Complete!

i hope this helps with Players Forming Parties & Making New Friends! Thank You All & Happy Grinding! :D
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