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Package for Manual Patching

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Re: Package for Manual Patching

Postby Sunny0329 » 10 Oct 2014, 23:29

Quick question: I got the "Download launcher failed. Try again later." error message. what do i do, i downloaded the 1.5gb client, i have open the folder with all the kxr files, so from the zip that i am downloading with your link, do i move those kxr files into the one already installed? also, is there a way around that error message? it was just workin a few days ago... its pissin me off cuz i had to do a system recovery about a week ago or so, and now this is kind of annoying, not you obviously but just hte situation. lol any chance you can walk me through again? i just want to make sure i got the process down so that i can get back to onigiri.
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