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Update 2014/07/29

Official announcements from the Onigiri Service Team will be posted here.

Update 2014/07/29

Postby Ringo Tarte » 29 Jul 2014, 02:21

[2014/07/29 Update]

The Nyankoropon has been updated with new items.
Bug in which players could enter a dungeon that was opened before the party was formed has been fixed.
Bug in which the controls would screw up after a player opened the weapon switch screen using the F-key has been fixed.
Bug in which some low level weapons would not display in bazaar stalls has been fixed.
Bug in which, when repairing and the quality dropped due to a failure, the Durability would become 0 has been fixed. Now durability will drop to 1 at the lowest.
Bug in which errors or visual issues would occur when wearing the following avatar parts:
"Fox Miko", "Miko", "Mercenary", "Kyoto Gate Guard", "Japanese Goth", and "Hidden Guard" has been fixed.
Changed Lucky Box display to show newest boxes first, instead of oldest.

[Journey into Hokurikudo and Echigo]

Hokurikudo and Echigo have been added to the game, continue the story where it left off and continue exploring mythical Japan!

Many new areas and dungeons have been added within those two main areas, so please be sure to enjoy the new content.

[Dungeon Master Event]

Compete or work together with other players and complete dungeons to get points. Get enough points to get amazing prizes, and get the highest amount of points out of all the players to get a special unique prize!

- Clear dungeons to get points, unique amounts of points depending on the dungeon!
- Clear as many as you can in one month to get as many points as possible from 7/29 until 8/31!
- The more points you get, the better the items you will receive!

Dungeon Master Points per Dungeon List:
- This list is organized to show you how many points you well get depending on which dungeon you enter when you get an S/SS rank, how many players you enter with, and what difficulty you choose.
- If players who A or B rank the dungeon will get 90% of the listed points, and C rank will result in 80% of the listed points.

Dungeon Master Prize List:
- Players with less than 500 points will get no prizes.
- Players will only find out the top 10% after the event is over.

[Midsummer Sale]

Many items in the shop will be going on sale starting now!
Be sure to check out the shop to see what kind of nice deals are going on!

Among them will be big sellers such as:
- EXP Boost 200%, it used to be 3 for 50 OC -> 30 OC!
- GM Boost 50%, used to be 3 for 50 OC -> 30 OC

Check out the main website article for extra info:
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Re: Update 2014/07/29

Postby monyedganteng » 29 Jul 2014, 03:53

anybody have manual patch for this update ? just new file from this update not all file in folder pkg
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Re: Update 2014/07/29

Postby HimikoHime » 29 Jul 2014, 04:23

Ringo Tarte wrote:[2014/07/29 Update]
Bug in which errors or visual issues would occur when wearing the following avatar parts:
"Fox Miko", "Miko", "Mercenary", "Kyoto Gate Guard", "Japanese Goth", and "Hidden Guard" has been fixed.
Changed Lucky Box display to show newest boxes first, instead of oldest.

Now its even worse than before.

Fox miko costume look bad now when your character sit, some parts of skirt transparent, befor fix they didnt.

And something bad heapen with angel costume. When you change underwear, the down part of angel costume dont move anymore. Also, when you change costume with fox miko while sit, the down part animation of costume stop working too.

Please repair costumes. We pay money for costumes, so we expect that the animations will work correctly and look good.
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Re: Update 2014/07/29

Postby Zuhah » 29 Jul 2014, 04:34

forget about costume bug the door is stil locked and everybody is camping in front of the door to go to hokurido pluss a item named 1002 drops now at dng where whaiting to get those bugs fixed :!:
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Re: Update 2014/07/29

Postby Daromiro » 29 Jul 2014, 04:52

What about the bazaar bug which screws up graphic ?
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Re: Update 2014/07/29

Postby Takurannyan » 29 Jul 2014, 04:54

Can you tell the Devs that it's the best update ever, high quality and very well-thought. I am truly pleased.
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Re: Update 2014/07/29

Postby NiuWang » 29 Jul 2014, 05:58

monyedganteng wrote:anybody have manual patch for this update ? just new file from this update not all file in folder pkg

Not sure if this qualifies as a manual patch but in the Setup.ini they provide 2 links within them Just copy it and paste it in your browser and the files will be far as what to do with them I have no clue.
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Re: Update 2014/07/29

Postby Hayori » 29 Jul 2014, 07:33

about 2 hours for my update to go from 91% to 93% :3 the wifi is good though, I wonder why? It's getting a little faster while I'm typing now :D
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Re: Update 2014/07/29

Postby Don Lelouch » 29 Jul 2014, 08:21

Hello Dear Onis!

I don't know alot about the system which workin on game but... there I wanna share my idea about clothes exchage option which would be nice in game.
Most of 'us' (players) won fashios by gatchas ticket and Oc Spins. But as I saw this i FTP MMORPG. Where is big prob at this? Clothes Colours.
Like I said most of us won fashions of colours style which we just 'don't like' or they are not in style of us character.
My idea is... add option for 'Beauty Salon' to exchange clothes for same clothes but with colour which we wanted (If on Shopping Plaza was 4 colours, there should be option to change this one which we won for another one from rest 3 colour styles) and of course for example 10mln Ryu for that deal with NPC.
This thingy would make smile on many players faces and make the game more cool.

Post what you think about it!
Let's try change Onigiri World!
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Don Lelouch
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Re: Update 2014/07/29

Postby LunaMency » 29 Jul 2014, 08:31

What the Heck is Material(1002)000000? D: I was trying desperately for Centipede Poison and that dropped and it's blue >_<
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