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Update 2014/07/29

Official announcements from the Onigiri Service Team will be posted here.

Re: Update 2014/07/29

Postby Don Lelouch » 17 Sep 2014, 05:27

Raijin wrote:
Hinagiku Katsura wrote:
Don Lelouch wrote:Hello Dear Onis!

you are the only person i know that don't like the colors of the costume so what do you want for color? color rainbow dress?

When Hinagiku said; "Color rainbow dress", she was telling a sarcastic joke, hopefully. No need to take her seriously, Lelouch.
Your spelling and grammar are horrible in your next post. What you want is a simple exchange system, however this cannot or will not be done.
If they lose the current system they won't gain much money, considering games these days use a gamble system to gain cash from the players, if every player got what they want in a "Item store" or "Nyankoro", they would stop spending money, consider yourself lucky that Cyber-step is kind enough to give the community "Gacha-Ticket" for free out of events, special missions, and other means of obtaining. When posting a suggestion, ask for the community while keeping the game's future in mind, think of a way for both parties to enjoy, this might benefit the community but not the developers. They need money to keep the game running, understandable right?

You said put a option in "Beauty Salon" to exchange, you should look at my Original suggestions on the suggestion & feedback thread.
Starting on (Page 5 - 10)

Ok, You have right.
But... Like I said before, there's a few clothes sets already which was removed from "Lucky Spin".
So... try understand my feelings like a gamer which care about character "look".
My feeling is hurted because even if I donate I didn't have chance to win that what I wanted. There's comes an exchange option about what I said. Where "Current" can be exchanged for "Same with diff name/colour".
Like you said dev server need money to keep running. Agree. So depends of Ryu there should be an option to exchange for Cyber Coins. Like 40/OC per Part giving 160 OC for exchange whole set.
Really You said "People stop spend money if they got what they won't" I can't agree with that. Just like me I would spend more money because in plaza still are uselful items to get than "Rolling" again and again the Cat Spin.
Back to explaining:
I won "Kabuki Rich Cloth"
so I just want option to exchange that for another one which are from Spin like:
"Kabuki Unmoving", "Kabuki Thousand Cherry Trees", "Kabuki Thunder".
and exchange cost should cost that what I won + 40/OC part ; 160 whole set.
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Re: Update 2014/07/29

Postby Lynneth » 18 Sep 2014, 23:18

How about option to :

Recharge the effect of expired Accessories gained from Nyankoro Costume/ Quest for some Onigiri coins?

Both parties would benefit, the players and the company. :mrgreen:

Or trade in the expired accessories for other accessories/points. Since all the expired Accessories CAN'T be sold/removed and takes up 1 item slot :(
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