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Update 2015-11-10 New Dungeons

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2015, 03:37
by Takoyaki
Today's update features 2 New Dungeons

First up is the continued Gargoyle assault:


The Levinlance gargoyle can be found, with Chifuri's help, amongst The Warding selection. Aimed at players 70 and up, the Levinlance Gargoyle's ferocious attacks are infused with element of Lightning - and like his fiery predecessor, the Infernal Gargoyle, he drops weapon recipes attuned to his element.

Already got yourself a lightning weapon and looking for a new challenge? The dangerous daily dungeons offered in the lands of everlasting night provide the rare components you need to craft new, and powerful magatama! These dungeons are suitable for players level 50 and up, but have a steep curve in difficulty!


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Re: Update 2015-11-10 New Dungeons

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2015, 00:16
by Taakun
By now I guess it's more than safe to assume by now we aren't getting the Halloween dungeon as JP did?

In my opinion that was actually a fun event dungeon, was really looking forward to it in EN...