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04/19 Update Contents

Official announcements from the Onigiri Service Team will be posted here.

04/19 Update Contents

Postby Takoyaki » 19 Apr 2016, 03:34

Welcome from the Onigiri Team!


Thank you for your patience, maintenance is over and we would like to introduce a new partner character that is now available in the Nyankoropon:


Meet Himiko, Queen of Virtue and ruler of Yamataikoku!

Himiko was chosen as a sacrifice to the Kamikui and was thought to be dead, but miraculously resurrected.
You can see her website for a full bio and more!

We also have released new dungeons, weapons, and bosses! Starting at the Temple of Rites: Seal, guess who's back with a vengeance!?


It's Ahriman!! But it appears that his battle is just a warm up for the greater force of evil that's yet to come... Mephistopheles!!


Are you prepared to take him on with Himiko's power!? 8 new weapons are available using parts of Mephistopheles taken in battle. See if you can obtain them!

Nyankoropon Content:

For men, it's Hero's Mail armor sets!


For women, the Japanese Goth outfits!


And in the Platinum lineup...
is Himiko!


Game Adjustments:

- The lighting of certain towns, fields, and dungeons has been adjusted
- Some enemies have had their attack power decreased
- Achievements not yet taken can be displayed in the upper left as an announce icon
- Players can teleport to Ouushuu Terminus from Star Rock in Onigashima (near Chifuri)
- There is a new Point Daruma subquest (with a free present)
- A few NPCs within Onigashima have had their positions adjusted

Modifications and Fixes:

- The Dragonata outfit has had the leg part repaired
- Exorcist arrow skill effect has been repaired
- Blank data output bug fixed in dungeon rankings
- Repaired bug preventing accessory or Magatama effects from being visible after Vanguard switch
- Repaired explanations of some weapon packages
- Repaired bug in which 2 versions of Tokitaka would appear during "Misty Moon" Quest

As always, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in-game!

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Re: 04/19 Update Contents

Postby EmeraldWolf » 19 Apr 2016, 03:38

Wonder what enemies have had their attack power reduced.
Great update btw, will be curious to see how it plays out when I get there :)
EmberWolf is my main character.

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Re: 04/19 Update Contents

Postby HelixDraxzonyx » 19 Apr 2016, 17:21

I want to try and get the goth outfits for my girls. Hero's Mail looks pretty nice as well.
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