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5/31 Update Contents

Official announcements from the Onigiri Service Team will be posted here.

5/31 Update Contents

Postby Takoyaki » 31 May 2016, 03:20


Thank you for your patience, maintenance is over and we have added an 2 brand new partners to the Nyankoropon!

Meet Dark Musashi and Lunastasia Red Moon!

New Partners


Dark Musashi


Dark Musashi is a fierce warrior ready to slay Yokai with the power of darkness. She attacks with twin swords and an all-new skin that make her unique to the game!


Lunastasia Red Moon


Lunastasia Red Moon is a cameo character from Cosmic Break! She specializes in mid-ranged attacks and is an all-new physical variation of the previous Lunastasia partner.


Check out our ongoing OC Cumulative Campaign on how to receive Gacha Tickets and rare items that will help you in the game.

Bug Fixes

- Corrected Abyss Gargoyle weapon mis-translation
- Corrected untranslated stages

We hope you enjoy these new partners! As always, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in-game!

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Re: 5/31 Update Contents

Postby Firon » 31 May 2016, 05:02

Just noticed this now, but, did the daily warding dungeons get wiped from dungeon records in the recent update?
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Re: 5/31 Update Contents

Postby HelixDraxzonyx » 31 May 2016, 17:26

Dark Musashi still has that creepy arm, so I'll pass on her. Lunastasia is just plain ug, so I'll pass on her too. Think I'll stick with Izuna.
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