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6/7 Update Contents

Official announcements from the Onigiri Service Team will be posted here.

6/7 Update Contents

Postby Takoyaki » 07 Jun 2016, 01:18


Scheduled maintenance has been completed, you may now resume exploring the world of Onigiri

New Warding

Challenge the might of an all new warding, Logos Ahriman!


Suitable for players from mid to high level, he can also be used to obtain powerful new weapons...

New Weapons

The Evil Eye Axe...


... and the Evil Eye Wand!


Both can leveled-up to deal even more damage to unsuspecting Youkai!

As always, thank you for your support and we hope to see you in-game soon!

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Re: 6/7 Update Contents

Postby Miyano311 » 07 Jun 2016, 02:30

Can you explain this? I'm really confused @_@

- Nyankoropon now distinguishes between Purchased OC and Earned OC

Earned OC: OC 'earned' through transactions in stalls, or received as a gift.
Purchased OC : OC bought through our website.
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