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8/2 Update Contents

Official announcements from the Onigiri Service Team will be posted here.

8/2 Update Contents

Postby Takoyaki » 02 Aug 2016, 19:44


In addition to our recent 5 Million Breakthrough Campaign, we are increasing the rewards for a number of wardings this week until next maintenance.


We are also having another field boss summoning event for this week on Thursday, August 4th at approximately 7:30pm PDT.

We hope you can take advantage of these increased rewards to craft some powerful weapons!

Wardings with Increased Rewards

From 8/2 ~ 8/9 (next week's maintenance at 12am PDT), the following reward boosts will be in effect for the listed wardings below:

- The clear rewards for beating the warding will been increased.
- Any ranking above B will earn you the materials to craft the dungeon's weapon.

List of Dungeons

- Assault! Crag Gargoyle
- Assault! Infernal Gargoyle
- Assault! Levinlance Gargoyle
- Assault! Sleetsword Gargoyle
- Assault! Abyss Gargoyle
- Assault! Dragon Ark Aosame
- Assault! Dragon Ark Gakuhou
- Assault! Dragon Ark Tenshou
- Assault! Dragon Ark Sabisame
- Assault! Glacies Typhon

Happy hunting~ We hope you are able to obtain that weapon you've been farming for!

Field Boss Summoning Event

The Field Boss Summmoning Event has returned!

Spanning across 4 different fields, Thursday, August 4th at approximately 7:30pm PDT, 4 GMs will be in locations summoning bosses.

Please see our official event post for the exact locations and more information!


Look forward to teaming up with different players of all levels and taking down some foes with massive HP! We wish you the best of luck~


- The 1.5 Point Daruma Campaign has ended.
- The Summer OC Reward Campaign is still ongoing!
- The achievements for Asura have now finished.
- The Ivys Dungeon's energy cost is now 10.

Thank you to all of the players that have been supporting Onigiri!

-- The Onigiri Management Team
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