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11/29 Update Contents

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11/29 Update Contents

Postby Takoyaki » 29 Nov 2016, 03:57

Greetings from the Onigiri Management Team,

In this update we would like to introduce some new regulations to the game that will make it easier for players to craft weapons as well as Magatama!

We would also like to introduce the Divine Protection Incense to Lancelot's exchange shop which will be available for a limited time between 11/29 ~ 12/13.


Additionally, types will now be displayed for enemies and partners during battle! Please see below for more info:

Damage Display Modification


- A regular attack will have the damage displayed in White.
- When an attack is doing less damage than usual, it will be Blue.
- When an attack is doing more damage than usual, it will be Red.
- Critical damage will show with an effect around it.
- "Miss" will display if an element which an enemy is resistant to is used.

Monsters Type Display

The types of monsters will now be shown next to their name, identifying them as Beast, Specter, Monster, or Soul type.

The strengths and weaknesses between these types are as follows:

- Beast Imageis strong against Monster Image
- Monster Image is strong against Specter Image
- Specter Image is strong against Beast Image
- Soul Image is neither strong nor weak to any element, meaning its damage is a constant.


The same has been implemented for partner characters, youkai and mounts. The menu will now display what elements they are strong or weak to. In this picture, Musashi is weak to Soul and Beast, but strong against Monster and Specter:


This will help you plan ahead for which partner to use in different battles!

Recipe / Weapon Smithing

The requirements for ALL weapons and Magatama have been relaxed, making them easier to craft with less materials, EXCEPT for the following:

Weapon Smithing
- Oninodachi
- Bow of Cupid's Love
- Blood Rapier R
- Blood Rapier R - Affection
- Blood Rapier R - Chain
- Heart's Blade of Flames
- Brave Great Blade of Flames
- Anguished Twin Blades of Flame
- Willful Axe of Flame
- Faithful Lance of Flame
- Joyous Bow of Flame Desirous Wand of Flame
- Grateful Staff of Flame
- Hajuma Evil Eye Axe
- Rufu Evil Eye Wand
- Five Tail Dragon - Sophos I
- Five Tail Dragon - Sophos II
- Five Tail Dragon - Sophos III
- Five Tail Dragon Sophos - Flash I
- Five Tail Dragon Sophos - Flash II
- Five Tail Dragon - White Flash
- Five Tail Dragon Iroas I
- Five Tail Dragon Iroas II
- Five Tail Dragon Iroas III
- Five Tail Dragon Iroas - Flash I
- Five Tail Dragon Iroas - Flash II
- Five Tail Dragon Iroas - White Flash
- Sovereign Oodachi: Victoire I
- Sovereign Oodachi: Victoire II
- Sovereign Oodachi: Victoire III
- Sovereign Oodachi: Victoire - Reverence I
- Sovereign Oodachi: Victoire - Reverence II
- Sovereign Oodachi: Victoire - Reverence III
- Sovereign Oodachi: Victoire - Supreme
- Sovereign Twin Blades: Bellum I
- Sovereign Twin Blades: Bellum II
- Sovereign Twin Blades: Bellum III
- Sovereign Twin Blades: Bellum - Reverence I
- Sovereign Twin Blades: Bellum - Reverence II
- Sovereign Twin Blades: Bellum - Reverence III
- Sovereign Twin Blades: Bellum - Supreme
- Sovereign Spear: Prefectus I
- Sovereign Spear: Prefectus II
- Sovereign Spear: Prefectus III
- Sovereign Spear: Prefectus - Reverence I
- Sovereign Spear: Prefectus - Reverence II
- Sovereign Spear: Prefectus - Reverence III
- Sovereign Spear: Prefectus - Supreme
- Sovereign Blade: Prince I
- Sovereign Blade: Prince II
- Sovereign Blade: Prince III
- Sovereign Blade: Prince - Reverence I
- Sovereign Blade: Prince - Reverence II
- Sovereign Blade: Prince - Reverence III
- Sovereign Blade: Prince - Supreme
- Divine Wind Oodachi Replica
- Divine Wind Oodachi Replica - Gale
- Divine Spirits Blade Replica
- Divine Spirits Blade Replica - Thunderclap
Magatama Crafting
- Purity Magatama
- Magatama of Isolation
- Sickle Moon Magatama
- Magatama of Fresh Blood
- Magatama of Fresh Blood - Scarlet
- Magatama of Fresh Blood - Black
- Black Bear Magatama
- Black Bear Magatama - Gold
- Brown Bear Magatama
- Brown Bear Magatama - Gold
- Fusion Bear Magatama
- Magatama of Admonition
- Weeping Bronze Magatama
- Demon Issue Magatama
- Gentle Breeze Magatama
- Tempest Magatama
- Magatama of Incredible Winds
- Static Charge Magatama
- Rumbling Magatama
- Lightning Scorched Magatama
- Magatama of the Depths
- Calamitous Border Magatama
- Rocky Prison Magatama
- Celestine Magatama
- Spinel Magatama
- Pyrargyrite Magatama
- Oni's Horn Magatama
- Spessartine Magatama
- Hyacinth Ore Magatama
- Dragon's Vein Crystal Magatama
- Topaz Magatama
- Argentite Magatama
- Jasper Magatama
- Enchanting Crystal Magatama
- Amber Magatama
- Hawkeye Magatama
- Citrine Magatama
- Flourite Magatama
- Quartz Magatama
- Keystone Magatama
- Phosphor Magatama

Monster Strength Modification

Monsters in the following dungeons that require energy to enter (such as wardings and special event dungeons) have had their strength changed to stop fluctuations depending on party members, meaning the number of players in a party does not affect the number and/or HP of an enemy:

- Assault! Infernal Gargoyle
- Assault! Levinlance Gargoyle
- Assault! Sleetsword Gargoyle
- Assault! Crag Gargoyle
- Assault! Dragon Ark Aosame
- Assault! Dragon Ark Gakuhou
- Assault! Dragon Ark Tenshou
- Assault! Dragon Ark Sabisame
- Aragami Magma
- Golden Weapon Hunt Youen
- Nightshade Nyarlathotep
- Glacies Typhon
- General Shouku
- Visul Odin
- Arms Dealer & Puppet
- Assault! Abyss Gargoyle
- Assault! Logos Ahriman
- Assault! Eldritch Beast
- Sakazuki Weapon Hunt
- The Golden Hunt
- Grove of Despair
- Grove of Despair - Depths
- Vita et Mors Cavern
- Fragrant Grove
- Forest of Miracles
- Pits of Eternal Judgement
- A Round With The Demon Legion
- Assault! Crag Gargoyle (Reward UP)
- Assault! Infernal Gargoyle (Reward UP)
- Assault! Levinlance Gargoyle (Reward UP)
- Assault! Sleetsword Gargoyle (Reward UP)
- Assault! Abyss Gargoyle (Reward UP)
- Assault! Dragon Ark Abisame (Reward UP)
- Assault! Dragon Ark Aosame (Reward UP)
- Assault! Dragon Ark Gakuhou (Reward UP)
- Assault! Dragon Ark Tenshou (Reward UP)
- Sakazuki Weapon Hunt (Reward UP)
- Assault! Blitz Tiamat -Easy-
- Assault! Blitz Tiamat -Hard-
- Assault! Nightshade Nyarlathotep (Reward UP)
- Assault! Logos Ahriman (Reward UP)

Skill Card and Ougi Exchange Restriction

The following Skill Cards and Ougis from the Point Daruma are now non-exchangeable in the Shopping Plaza:

- Ougi Skill Set Card 15
- Ougi Skill Set Card 16
- Ougi Skill Set Card 17
- Ougi Skill Set Card 18
- Skill Set Card (III) 1
- Skill Set Card (IV) 1
- Skill Set Card (V) 1

Events & Campaigns


Lancelot's quests are available until 12/20! Please read here for more information.


We also have a Fall OC Campaign and 1.5x Bonus Point Campaign running until 12/20 to help you out in your quests!

We thank you in advance for your patience and for your continued support,

-- The Onigiri Team

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Re: 11/29 Update Contents

Postby Dark Deceiver » 29 Nov 2016, 06:19

Sweet, that's definitely more helpful.

Now if only we could either sell the clothing (except for the Kyoto Guard outfit) and underwear that's filling up our inventories, or exchange them for points, that'd be awesome. I mean, we can't even discard them, which sucks.
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