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2/14 Valentine's Day Update Contents

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2/14 Valentine's Day Update Contents

Postby Takoyaki » 14 Feb 2017, 20:48

Greetings from the Onigiri Management Team,

Happy Valentine's Day, players!

In this update we would like to introduce a special Valentine's Day quest, 2 new partners, new dungeons, weapons, exchange shops, and more!

Valentine's Day Quest

Love is in the air and we have some special surprises for you!


If you go to the plaza and talk to some of the female NPC characters, they will give you Chocolate Boosts which will increase the drop rate by 300%!

If you talk to the male characters, you can exchange Heavenly Seven Spices obtained from wardings with them for Gacha Tickets!

We hope you enjoy this fun event that will be active until 2/28!

Houou and Sanzou

Two new partners have been added to the Nyankoropon, and they have all new quests for you to take on in Onigashima!


If you talk to Fuujin, you will learn that a great calamity has occurred in Yomotsuhirasaka.


You will meet Houou, the fiery Phoenix god who loves napping and basking in the sun, and team up with her to take on a deadly new foe from the underworld!


After completing the quest, you can exchange dropped items from the Gateway to the Underworld dungeon with Houou for a variety of items, Magatama, and these mysterious weapons:


The second character you can meet with is Sanzou, a mysterious glasses-wearing girl who has mistaken Onigashima for India!


By exchanging rosaries dropped from wardings and dungeons with her, you can obtain a lot of rare items! Both her and Houou's exchange shops will be available until 3/14.

Nyankoropon Content

Houou and Sanzou have been introduced to the Special Gacha!


Houou is a special partner because as you use more of her scrolls, you can choose to have her learn bow and sword fighting styles in addition to her twin blades.

Special Nyankoropon 1 until 3/14

- Platinum Tier: Houou (with win rate up for 3 weeks!), Musashi, Himiko, Izuna Tri-Tail, Nobunaga, Shingen, Venus, Asura, Kirin, Lunastasia
- Gold Lineup: Sanzou (with increased winrate) and all Sublime Ougis

Special Nyankoropon 2 until 3/14

- Platinum Tier: Houou (with win rate up for 3 weeks!), Sasuke, Dark Musashi, Kintoki, Lancelot, Kenshin, Siegfried, Valkyrie, Shuuten Douji, Lunastasia Red Moon, Ivys
- Gold Lineup: Sanzou (with increased winrate) and all Sublime Ougis


Campaigns and Events


Our Valentine's Campaign will run from 2/14 - 3/14 with bonus items for your OC purchases!


By talking to Gargoyle in Onigashima, you can spin the Treasure Chest Nyankoropon until 2/28!


- Starting 2/21, you will only be able to delete 50 and hold 300 presents at a time, and the oldest ones will be deleted at the start of maintenance if you exceed this amount.

- The achievements for Kenshin and Shingen have now ended.

- New achievements for locations, weapons, and equipment have been added to the game.

- The OC distribution error affecting user accounts has been resolved. All accounts that have been under investigation are now allowed back into the game.

Affected players that were blocked from the game by this bug will receiving one of the following compensation packages depending on the length of their ban:

Players that were banned for 3 days:

- 100 Onigiri Coins
- Full Energy Restorative x5
- Login Boost Ticket x2
- Platinum Boost 1 Week Ticket x1
- Ryou Boost 300% 60min x2
- EXP Boost 300% 60min x2
- Drop Boost 300% 60min x2

Users that were banned until after today's maintenance:

- 350 Onigiri Coins
- Full Energy Restorative x10
- Login Boost Ticket x7
- Platinum Boost 1 Week Ticket x1
- Ryou Boost 300% 60min x7
- EXP Boost 300% 60min x7
- Drop Boost 300% 60min x7

*Any paid OC that these characters spent during this investigation will be returned to their accounts.

We thank you in advance for your patience and for your continued support,

-- The Onigiri Team

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