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3/14 Setsubun Update and Event

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3/14 Setsubun Update and Event

Postby Takoyaki » 14 Mar 2017, 19:45

Greetings from the Onigiri Management Team,


Setsubun is a tradition in Japan that takes place right before spring where people throw beans at demons to ward them away and increase their good fortune.

Usually one person will wear a demon mask, and the other members of the household will yell "Demons out! Luck in!" while throwing beans at them!


By talking to Izuna in Onigashima, you will learn that the Setsubun festival beans have mysteriously gone missing!


It's up to you to investigate by checking out the special festival dungeons in Onigashima that will be available until 4/4!

By completing these quests, you will also be rewarded with Gacha Tickets to spin the Nyankoropon.

You can also exchange items with the NPC Namahage who becomes available during the event. You can exchange beans with him until 4/11.

Check out some of the special event prizes that you can obtain:


We hope you enjoy this fun-filled event!


This event introduces a special Oni partner character named Amanojaku!


Amanojaku is a mace-wielding prankster who often says the opposite of what he means, but he has a good heart!

Unlike other partners, instead of obtaining him through the Nyankoropon, you can obtain his scroll from completing the event until 4/4!


To get his fully awakened form, you can get 8 scrolls from exchanging beans from Namahage (until 4/11), and the rest will be a dungeon reward for completing the three festival dungeons on Oni Mode (until 4/8).


This week there are no new outfits or partners in the Nyankoropon, but we have changed the tiers so you can obtain the following items:

- Unit 1: Winter Coats
- Unit 2: Major Dom/Passionate Santa
- Unit 3: Hero's Mail/Japanese Goth
- Unit 4: Ushiwakamaru/Lop Ear Rabbit
- Unit 5: Incubus/Succubus


Special Gacha

The following tiers are spinnable with Legendary Gacha Tickets:

Unit 1: Musashi, Dark Musashi, Lunastasia, Red Moon Lunastasia, Sasuke, Himiko, Izuna Tri-Tail, Ivys, Kintoki, Shuten-Douji, Nobunaga, Lancelot, Kenshin, Shingen

Unit 2: Venus, Siegfried, Valkyrie, Asura, Kirin, Ifrit, Fuujin, Raijin, Gargoyle



Our 15% Bonus OC Campaign will be running from 3/14 - 4/11 to give you bonus OC for purchases of 100 OC or higher!


- The Houou and Sanzou exchange shops have ended, and they have been removed from the Nyankoropon
- Spirit Incense has now stopped dropping
- Gargoyle has been removed from the Nyankoropon
- SP Gacha Tickets and Fragments have been deleted

We thank you in advance for your patience and for your continued support,

-- The Onigiri Team

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