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3/21 Update Contents

Official announcements from the Onigiri Service Team will be posted here.

3/21 Update Contents

Postby Takoyaki » 21 Mar 2017, 01:26

Greetings from the Onigiri Management Team,

Maintenance is now over, and we have updated the Limited Nyankoropon which will be available until 4/4!

Items obtained from the Limited Nyankoropon include a Yorozu Limited Ticket which can be exchanged with Yorozu for a Legendary Gacha Ticket if you have 75.

Limited Nyankoropon

In the Special Gacha, Nobunaga, Kintoki, and Izuna Tri-Tail have been added to the Platinum Lineup:


Additionally, Sanzou has been re-added to the Gold Lineup along with the Sublime Ougis:


Please see our Setsubun update post for the rest of the Nyankoropon lineup!

Events and Campaigns


Our Setsubun Special Event Dunegons will be running from 3/14 - 4/4!

The item exchange shop will be open until 4/11.


Our 15% Bonus OC Campaign will be running from 3/14 - 4/11 to give you bonus OC for purchases of 100 OC or higher!

We thank you in advance for your patience and for your continued support,

-- The Onigiri Team

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