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5/9 Update Contents - Kintoki Redux Event

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5/9 Update Contents - Kintoki Redux Event

Postby Takoyaki » 09 May 2017, 18:50

Greetings from the Onigiri Management Team,

In this update, we are adding the Kintoki Redux event to the game and a few minor adjustments.

Get ready to challenge the Golden Caverns again for increased rewards!

Note: We apologize for any inconvenience however our dungeons are currently operating in PST and not PDT time. We are sorry for the bug.


Kintoki Redux Event

Similar to the Ivys and Lunastasia Redux Event, Kintoki now has appeared in Onigashima and has a new event for you to challenge!

You may re-challenge the Golden Caverns from 5/9 - 5/23 at midnight in PST (note that our servers are in PDT, but this event is in PST). The following rewards will have an increased chance of dropping on the dates listed in this chart (please click it to view it at full size):



- The clear reward for the dungeon is increased by having Kintoki or Ifrit unlocked as partners (even bigger bonus for Kintoki). Clear Rank does not affect the rewards, and other characters do not affect the bonus.

- If you challenge the dungeon solo, you will play as Kintoki. If you challenge the dungeon as a party, you will play as your character, but your stats will be locked.

- The bonus can stack, and the bonus from having Kintoki or Ifrit will be added to your clear reward. At the dungeon clear screen your rewards are calculated and the bonuses will be shown as +xx.

- There is no fixed limit on the amount that can be added as a bonus to the clear reward.

- New achievements for the event will be available until 5/23 at midnight in PST. Kintoki is now easier to obtain as a partner in the Nyankoropon (see heading below).

Use these items to craft the Magatama recipes that are earned from clearing Fragrant Grove and the Forest of Miracles!


Discounted Nyankoropon

In the Special Gacha, you will now notice that Kintoki and Ifrit have been added to the Platinum Lineup, and that Unit 2 is discounted to 120 OC per 5 spins for 25 spins until 6/6:


Sanzou is in the Gold Lineup with the Sublime Ougis as well. Please take advantage of this wonderful deal!


- The Ivys and Lunastasia event has now ended.
- The Cosmic OC Campaign has ended, and we will have a new campaign for you starting 5/23!
- The Login Calendar has been reset.
- The Cosmic Crux event has ended, but the Treasure Chest Nyankoropon will be available for an additional week until 5/16.
- The Gacha with the three sisters has now ended.
- The bug that caused the Nirvana Candy to still drop has been repaired.

That's about it from us today! We thank you for your continued support,

-- The Onigiri Team

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