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8/15 Summer Festival Update

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8/15 Summer Festival Update

Postby Takoyaki » 15 Aug 2017, 18:57

Greetings from the Onigiri Management Team,

Today we would like to bring you the Onigashima Summer Festival, as well as a bunch of new swimsuits, campaigns, and exciting new content!

Update Contents

Summer Festival!

The first half of the summer festival is now released, and you will be able to participate in a watermelon splitting contest and other fun events!


Find out more about the swimsuits and events by going to our Summer Festival website here.

If you talk to Popogorou in Onigashima, you can select "Festival Grounds" as a destination!


We are introducing "Watermelon Splitting" to this festival. In the newly introduced dungeon "Watermelon Splitting Grounds", you will collect Onigashimelons to spin the Treasure Chest Nyankoropon.


Through the Treasure Chest Nyankoropon, you can obtain Summoner's Scroll - Incognito Nobunaga.


The item exchange and Treasure Chest Nyankoropon is operated by someone who is connected to Nobunaga! Play the story to learn more about her.


The Straw Hat accessory (which comes in 3 different colors) and the Outfit Change Swimwear - Izuna are also available for exchange.

Event Deadline

Summer Festival: 8/15 - 9/12
Achievement Deadline: 8/15 - 9/12

New Swimsuits in Point Daruma!

The following swimsuits (for females only) have been newly introduced the the Point Daruma for your character:

- Zephyr Pareo Skirt - Ripples
- Zephyr Pareo Skirt - Midsummer
- Seaside Athlete - Summer Dawn
- Seaside Athlete - Bower

- Please note that the swimsuit avatars come as body and leg parts only.



Festival Mega Nyankoropon

The Festival Mega Nyankoropon will be introduced in this update!


In the Platinum Tier of the Festival Mega Nyankoropon, partner characters will have their swimsuits obtainable with their scrolls!

The exchange NPC Yorozu has been updated with new swimsuits! The Lineup of swimsuits in his exchange shop and the Mega Festival Nyankoropon are listed here:

- Outfit Change Swimwear - Nobunaga
- Outfit Change Swimwear - Lancelot
- Outfit Change Swimwear - Shingen
- Outfit Change Swimwear - Kenshin
- Outfit Change Swimwear - Gawain
- Outfit Change Swimwear - Tristan
- Outfit Change Swimwear - Houou
- Outfit Change Swimwear - Sasaki
- Outfit Change Swimwear - Sanzou
- Outfit Change Swimwear - Izuna Tri-Tail

- Outfit Change Swimwear - Izuna is only available through the exchange and does not have any special skills attached.
- Some of the swimwear scrolls that were obtained from quests and nyan are only obtainable from yorozu.
- Outfit Change Swimwear - Houou will be removed from the item exchange after 9/15.

This time we are introducing one of the following special skills with the swimwear scrolls:

- Summer Time Splash
- Watermelon Smash EX
- Dune Burst Serve
- Taiko Drum Frolic

*The obtained skill we depend on the character.

This Unit can only be spun with OC.

Festival Mega Nyankoropon Duration
- Deadline: 8/15 - 9/12

Summer Nyankoropon

You can spin the Summer Nyankoropon with OC or a Summer Gacha Ticket! This lineup contains a number of previously released partners as well as Six and Ninety-Nine who were recently released with the main story.

You can obtain a Summer Gacha Ticket through our Login Bonus Calendar and also through the summer festival events, so please participate in them!

Summer Nyankoropon Duration
- Deadline: 8/15 - 9/12

Special Selection Nyankoropon

The Special Selection Nyankoropon is divided into 2 different units (Unit 2 and Unit 3) in the Special Gacha. In both units, there is only one single partner to maximize your chances of obtaining their scroll.

Unit 2 features Musashi and Unit 3 features Izuna Tri-Tail. The gold tier in both units contain the Senryu Magatama and either the Golden Floret or the Efflorescent Bud.

After this week, the featured partners in each will change.

Special Selection Nyankoropon Rules:
- You can spin the Special Selection Nyankoropon by using OC.
- You can only spin it for 50 spins (per 5 spins) with the same character.

Special Selection Nyankoropon Duration
- Deadline: 8/15 - 8/22

Events and Campaigns

For the duration of the festival from 8/15 - 9/12, we are introducing a special new login calendar with wonderful items for you!


We are introducing various boosts and discounts in the game for you to enjoy during the duration of the festival from 8/15 - 9/12!


During the duration of the summer festival, the energy cost of select dungeons will be lowered, and the drop boost will be increased by 100%!


We also have a Point Daruma Campaign running during this time!


We would like to introduce the Shining Moon OC Campaign that will help you get special bonus items with your OC purchases available from 7/25 - 8/22.


Additionally, we have an 15% OC Bonus Campaign running that will help you earn extra OC towards our campaign available from 7/25 - 8/22!


Patched Issues

- Ibaraki Douji's swimsuit model was changed.
- Ibaraki Douji's Liquor Shop option in Lacus Mortis now apperas in her menu.
- Some of Shingen and Gawain's movements were corrected.

We thank you for your continued support,

-- The Onigiri Team

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