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8/29 Update Contents

Official announcements from the Onigiri Service Team will be posted here.

8/29 Update Contents

Postby Takoyaki » 29 Aug 2017, 19:35

Greetings from the Onigiri Management Team,

In this update, we are happy to release the 2nd half of the Summer Festival with some new events for you!

Update Contents


By talking to Popogorou by the Onigashima train station, you can select the "Festival Grounds" as a destination.


In the 2nd half of the Onigashima Summer Breeze Festival, we will be releasing the hair-raising "Test of Courage"!

Night has fallen in the festival grounds, and now the mysterious main event will begin! A mysterious new character will be introduced as well...


The dungeon "Test of Courage Grounds" has opened, and you can collect Antiques of Taboo to exchange with Hideyoshi to spin the 2nd Onigashima Summer Breeze Festival Treasure Chest Naynkoropon.

With the addition of this new treasure chest Nyankoropon, you will be able to get the remaining scrolls for Nobunaga -Incognito- to obtain her awakened form!

Once clearing the quest in the 2nd half of the festival, a new item exchange will be accessible from the NPC Kastsuie (pictured above).

Here you can obtain summer festival accessories like the Snorkel, and also see what incognito Nobunaga is really up to!


Within the Test of Courage Grounds, there is a special effect that will increase Nobunaga Incognito's dealt damage, decrease the damage received, and raise the Vanguard Gauge faster.

Please enjoy the summer festival, and don't forget about about all of our currently running campaigns!

Festival 2nd Half Deadline: 8/29 - 9/12

New Outfits

New underwear has been added to the Point Daruma for both male and female characters:

- "Fes. Loincloth White"
- "Fes. Loincloth Red"
- "Fes. Loincloth Underwear White"
- "Fes. Loincloth Underwear Red"


Special Selection Nyankoropon

The Special Selection Nyankoropon has been changed so Unit 2 features Lancelot and Unit 3 features Gawain. The gold tier in both units contain the Senryu Magatama and either the Golden Floret or the Efflorescent Bud.

After this week, the featured partners in each will change.

Special Selection Nyankoropon Rules:
- You can spin the Special Selection Nyankoropon by using OC.
- You can only spin it for 50 spins (per 5 spins) with the same character.

Special Selection Nyankoropon Duration
- Deadline: 8/29 - 9/5

For the full Nyankoropon lineup, please see our Summer Festival update post here!

Weekly Dungeon Boost Campaign

The following dungeons will receive various boosts and reward increases from 8/29 ~ 9/5:

- Assault! Abyss Gargoyle
- Assault! Abyss Gargoyle (Reward UP)
- Assault! Visul Odin
- Assault! Visul Odin (Reward UP)

Please see our full Summer Festival Campaign post for more information.

Events and Campaigns

For the duration of the festival from 8/15 - 9/12, we are introducing a special new login calendar with wonderful items for you!


We are introducing various boosts and discounts in the game for you to enjoy during the duration of the festival from 8/15 - 9/12!


During the duration of the summer festival, the energy cost of select dungeons will be lowered, and the drop boost will be increased by 100%!


We also have a Point Daruma Campaign running during this time!


We would like to introduce the Shining Moon OC Campaign that will help you get special bonus items with your OC purchases available from 8/25 - 9/12.


Patched Issues

- The 2nd main story event for "Roar of a Vengeful Moon" has now ended, along with the achievements.
- The discount for materials in Ninety-Nine's exchange shop has now ended.
- A minor monster model bug was fixed.
- One of Hideyoshi's motions was fixed.

We thank you for your continued support,

-- The Onigiri Team

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