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Status of Cyberstep

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Status of Cyberstep

Postby Winter de Solis » 21 Sep 2019, 06:10

After giving this game a year and a month break after the Genbu partner update due to too many events and partner sell-outs, I’ve returned to find Onigashima, the starting city, warding, the rift and even the current event, barren (apart from a now vastly diminished number of stalls dotting the map). Also makes me wonder why Cyberstep even created a channel 2. When I first played about 4 years ago, when there were still players around, channel 1 was the only channel on, let alone the player population today.

It’s like coming back to play a solo offline game.

To make matters worse, this game’s company, Cyberstep, has already shut down CosmicBreak, CosmicLeague and their flagship GetAmped. The only two left are this one and GetAmped2.

What’s the future going to hold for Onigiri now?
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