• From Edo to the Ooshu Road...
  • To unexplored dungeons where new Youkai await...
  • Push through the dangers with your friends and teammates!
  • You're kidding! A train is finally coming to this empty station...
  • and it's a cute one too!
  • But where is this train actually headed...?
  • To beautiful, fairytale like views...
  • ...and countless abandoned islands, just waiting to be explored!
  • Ah! The conductor is such a cute little Kijimuna! MOE?!
  • Arriving at a new tropical paradise...
  • ...Called Tanegashima!
  • Sorry, but that's all we can tell you for now.
  • You gotta get out there and explore the new lands of Onigiri for yourself.

New Features:


☆New weapons☆ But it's the quick and the dead, find the rarest ones before anyone else!


☆Youkai☆ How do you think your character will stand up to
the new enemies?


☆New Dungeons☆ There are 14 new dungeons to explore! Can you conquer all of them?
Or will you be Youkai fodder?

The Final episode of Onigiri TV