Wreathed in flame, an ally of insurrection runs rampant... Ifrit

Wreathed in flame, an ally of insurrection runs rampant... Ifrit


In truth one of the Kamikui, Ifrit battled against man and god in the Great War.

However, the might of Ifrit soon drew the ire of his fellow Kamikui and after baring his teeth to their leader during battle he was struck down with friendly fire and left for dead. He was nursed back to health by one of the gods fighting against the Kamkui.

It seems that back in the times of the great war he could speak the language of men, but since joining the side of the gods he has sealed that part of himself away.

By the time the Great War ended, the God whom Ifrit called a friend had spent his power and left this world. Rampaging across the lands in desperation Ifrit was eventually sealed away by the Greater God of Kumaso’s Sakura.

For reasons still unknown, Ifrit’s seals have recently fallen away and he has been released back into the world of men. An aimless search for his old friend from the time of the war led him to Onigashima.

After a chance meeting with Kintoki and her open heart, he quieted down and eventually travelled the lands together with her. Now his heart has healed he allows people to be sat atop his back without complaint.

Coming at the end of August.

Battle Mount

Introducing the new character partner “Ifrit” to Onigiri!

Introducing the new character partner

Ifrit can be unlocked through the use of an “Ifrit Manifestation Scroll” available in the Nyankoropon. Unlocking him introduces the new “Battle Mount” system.

Battle Mount…?

The new system, “Battle Mount” allows players to ride Battle Mount type characters!
Unlike the Vanguard Swap system which requires a full gauge before use, pressing the Y key will allow you to freely jump aboard and traverse the world of Onigiri whenever you like!
*This function cannot be used when the menu screen is open.

While riding your mount various actions are available to you which consume “Mount Stamina”.

The gauge will also be depleted when taking damage from enemies, but your mount can withstand significant damage and become your most dependably ally yet!


Raising Your Battle Mount Character

Just like summoned Youkai characters you can assign status points and adjust the skills available to them.

Depending on the number of Manifestation Scrolls used, you can increase their capabilities in battle!


The further you increase your mount’s potential, the more status points it will cost. Just like levelling up your character or a Youkai.

More skills will also be unlocked as your progress.


Ifrit can be leveled up to lv. 100. Level him carefully and he’ll become a powerful ally!

*All images are development stage*

The Missing Daruma Child

Kintoki, Ifrit, and Sadamitsu were enjoying their time together in Onigashima when suddenly Mother Daruma came to them with a request for help.

It seems that one of her children has been kidnapped! Kintoki uses Ifrit’s nose to begin the search…

But why were they kidnapped? And who by?

And who by?

To start this new adventure simple speak to Kintoki in front the Onigashima statue!

The drops and clear rewards of this dungeon allow you to make all new magatama. Let’s start collecting!

Coming at the end of August.