The Dragon of Echigo & The Tiger of Kai

The Dragon of Echigo & The Tiger of Kai

Uesugi Kenshin Profile

From the country of Echigo and clad in robes as white as the snow is the head of the Uesugi Clan, the “Dragon of Echigo”.

She is not one wear her emotions on her sleeve, and her indifferent tone often gives the impression that she is hiding her true feelings, but deep inside her heart is a passion so hot it can melt away the frigid ice.

She seems to have looked up to Takeda Shingen, who made attempts to gain supremacy over the nation, when she was a child. Inspired by him, she polished her martial arts techniques and threw herself into her studies. Thanks to that she became a full-fledged leader of the Uesugi Clan, and by then Shingen had already given up on his plans.

Disappointed that Shingen had lost his passion, she tried to cheer him up by taking part in the Kawanakajima battle, seeing her once beloved hero place emphasis on defensive tactics, she grew even more disappointed in how he changed.

Since then she has bottled up her disappointment, and finds herself clashing with Shingen at every chance encounter.

As the head of the Clan she is a stickler for formalities, and is depended on by her subordinates. She is a natural prodigy when it comes to the battlefield, yet she is not aware that even Shingen has acknowledged her prowess as worthy.

She likes to read the Tale of the Genji and play the lute. She also loves to drink.

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illust: Natashya

▼ Uesugi Kenshin Voice Sample: (CV: Hota Kakeru)
  • 01 I’ll show you why they call me the goddess of war.

  • 02 Dance of Conjuring Hail

  • 03 I dropped something? … My tiger plushy!? Thi- This is my… no! I had this bought for me… when I was little...

Takeda Shingen Profile

From the country of Kai, covered in scarlet armor is the head of the Takeda Clan, the “Tiger of Kai”.

One cannot see what his facial expression is under that mask of a helmet and the tone of his voice offers no help in discerning his intentions. In the past he has partook in the frontlines of battles and acts of diplomacy in defiance of the Bakufu.

However during the battle of Uedahara, the magical barrier around Fuji was destroyed, and as a result he and his troops received a devastating attack from the Kamikui. Shingen blamed his overconfidence in his own strength for the attack that left his rear troops with no means to deal with the attack.

Since then, Shingen has been secretly at odds with the miasma that spouts out of Fuji and the Kamikui. However, during the battle of Uedahara he was infected with a seed. No thanks to the miasma that the sea of trees unleash, that seed would later blossom into a treacherous disease that eats away at his body.

Due to all this, Shingen has left his old aspirations, adopted a defensive stance when it comes to battle, all as a means to keep himself in check.

In his current state the only justice he can serve is to ensure the protection of his country’s people. He is beloved and highly revered by his people. Yet the one thing he does not disclose to anyone but his close chiefs is the crippling disease he bears.

Takeda Shingen

illust: daiking

▼ Takeda Shingen Voice Sample: (CV: Hiramoto Yu)
  • 01 I’ll do the best an old man can do, just let me know when you need help.

  • 02 Tiger Blade of Fury

  • 03 I do wholeheartedly enjoy a good fight with the lady. But nothing more than that!

Increased Damage to Enemies! Special “Kamikaze Attack!”

Kenshin and Shingen will do increased damage to certain enemies in this update’s dungeons with “Kamikaze Effect” attacks!

Kamikaze Attack!01
Kamikaze Attack!02

The Whimsical Genius Ninja Awakens Her Power!

The time has come for Sarutobi Sasuke’s all new Awakening Powers to be unlocked!

By using 3 “Summoning Scroll - Sarutobi Sasuke” you can unlock her awakening. This will enable her to wear an all new outfit and learn new skills!

Furthermore, from this update onwards her new level cap will be 150! She’s forgotten about her mischief and moved on to real training so get out there and cause some havoc with the new Sarutobi Sasuke!
wakened Sarutobi Sasuke

▼ Sarutobi Sasuke Voice Sample: (CV: Mukao Yurina)
  • 01 Check out my new ninjutsu!

  • 02 Look! Look! That store has some delicious looking onigiri! Let’s go!

  • 03 What a beautiful weather! Perfect for taking a nap, you want in?

Model Change Option

We’re pleased to introduce a new model type! These new models give a more anime feel to character faces.

Model Change Option01

By selecting the new model type your character, as well as partners and NPCs, will receive a makeover.

Model Change Option02

By default, this has been applied automatically since the 10th of January, but you can change types at the title screen under Options > Graphics > Model Options.

Model Change Option03

For reference, Type A is the anime style model, and Type B is the original style.

* We ask for your understanding, however there are some NPCs who have not yet received this update (don’t worry though, we are planning to give them a makeover too!).

* Through this update the game’s lighting has been adjusted.

Gargoyle Profile

A girl summoned by Ashiya-Douman and wielding the power of the legendary gargoyles. She has no recollection of her life as a gargoyle, but is aware of her “Kamikui” strength.

Wanting to improve his summoning techniques Douman entered a strange street shop and bought some channeling materials which belonged to gargoyles from the distant past... Through these arcane items this young girl was summoned.

A girl, but also a real deal gargoyle. Neither Douman nor the girl are exactly sure what kind of powers lie dormant within her. Despite a quiet and shy demeanor, she is actually quite friendly. You won’t see her out of control like one of the Kamikui.

Her favorite food is udon because it was the first food she ate after her summoning. Lately she has discovered the deliciousness that is udon toppings, and is obsessed with putting things like eggs, atsu-age, and spices on her udon.

Gargoyle Profile
▼ Gargoyle Voice Sample: (CV: Takamori Natsumi)
  • 01 My name is Gargoyle. I... think.

  • 02 I guess you leave me no choice but to fight.

  • 03 Umm... I can actually feel through these wings so I’d appreciate it if you did not touch them... ah, that tickles.

Meet Gargoyle in Onigashima!

Gargoyle introduces the new system of “Assist Characters” and can be accessed by using a “Covenant Scroll - Gargoyle” obtained from the Nyankoropon.


About Assist Characters

An Assist Character’s primary duty is to support the player. By performing healing skills and attack buffs, they cover the player and become an indispensable companion on your adventures!


Weapon Equipment Slot

Assist Characters can use Weapon Equipment Slots to equip a weapon and raise their status.

A few slots are locked, however when you fulfill the necessary requirements you can unlock them. Unlock them all to have a stronger partner fight with you!


AI Option

For Assist Characters, you can manage the settings to set the priority of skills you want them to use.

The “Automatic” and “Custom” settings can be used to give your partner specific instructions on how to fight so use them well!


● Automatic Settings

With this AI Option, you can choose what skills a type corresponds to. You can leave the skill input to the AI.

Will mostly attack the same enemy as a player using the attack skills set. (Essentially, the same behaviour as Vanguard Swap, Summon Youkai, and Battle Mount characters).

Will mostly target the player with skills set to support.

Based on the player’s situation, this mode uses both attack and support actions to assist the player.

● Custom Settings

Related to the skills that the AI uses, you can target the specific settings you would like to use.

・Order Assignment
Uses skills based on the conditions of the player and the target. Periodic support as well as cool down time settings can be changed.

Automatic Settings

Training Assist Characters

Just like your own character, you distribute the status points of assist characters as they level up. However, in the case of your assist character an “EXP Ticket” is required.

These tickets can be found in the new warding “EXP Ticket Hunt” so get searching!

You can also use more than one “Covenant Scroll - Gargoyle” to unlock more weapon equipment slots and stronger skills!

Gargoyle’s maximum level is lv. 130. However, by using multiple “Covenant Scroll - Gargoyle” you can raise the level cap to lv. 150.

*The images are currently in development and subject to change.