Satan Summoning! Her Infernal Majesty is here!

Douman is at it again with his summoning, and this time he summoned a girl with the powers of Satan. Compared to Parvus and Gargoyle she is more aware of her "Kamikui" strength. She seems to have her eyes on you, so you better watch out…?!

It seems the cause of her summoning is the ink that Douman used while writing the magical barriers. When she was summoned a fierce wave of power surged throughout all the surroundings and all the small yokai were flung away in a mere instant.

Despite all her harsh words and dangerous looking appearance, she seems like she is not out to hurt Douman. She even enjoys the company of her gargoyle sisters and is spending her days full of laughter.

She seems to not like regular food, instead she prefers the cute sweets that she can be found gawking over in the spreads of magazine specials.
Satan01 Satan02 Satan03 Satan04
illust: Gurashion
▼Satan Voice(CV: Eriko Matsui)
  • 01
    I am Satan. Do you remember me? ... Mortal.

  • 02
    Huuuuh? Are you really that curious about this tail? Touch it and I’ll tear you to shreds.

  • 03

Satan, the "Kamikui" has made her way to Onigashima as a young girl support character!

Support characters heal and cast buffs on your character, they can become your primary source of support throughout your journeys.

Through the use of the "Covenant Scroll - Satan", obtained in the Nyankoropon, you can summon your own Satan.

An Event of Magnificent Rewards!

A strange looking young girl is standing around in Onigashima... It looks like... Yup. Douman has done it again... He's summoned yet another of the Kamikui into our world but this time he might have gone too far. This time it looks like he has brought forth... Satan!?


Douman, the Gargoyle Sisters and Satan are all in a state of panic! Satan has no taste for the food of this world! With no one else to turn to they ask our heroes to quest once more into The Wardings, in search of something that just may tickle her fancy... "The Nirvana Tart".

Through the completion of this quest Satan's Treasure Chest Gacha and Exchange Shop will be unlocked!


With the unlocking of Satan's exchange on the 6th day of the 6th month (!) cute new accessories will be available through trade!


This is a limited two week offer, so don't stand on ceremony!

Event Schedule

This event will run from the end of maintenance on the 6th of June until the beginning of maintenance on the 4th of July.

Reward Exchange Times

Satan Treasure Nyankoropon 1:
After maintenance on the 6th of June until before maintenance on the 20th of June.

Satan Exchange:
After maintenance on the 6th of June until before maintenance on the 20th of June.

Satan Treasure Nyankoropon 2:
After maintenance on the 20th of June until before maintenance on the 4th of July.

New Parvus Gargoyle Dungeon

From the end of maintenance on the 6th of June, a new warding "Assault! Gargoyle Covenant" will be introduced! "Covenant Scroll - Parvus Gargoyle" can be obtained by challenging this dungeon.

Parvus Gargoyle

Although this dungeon will be only be available on specified days in a later update, from the 6/6 until the 6/20 "Assault! Gargoyle Convenent" can be challenged every day!

Don't let this chance get away!

Dungeon Schedule

After maintenance on the 6th of June until before maintenance on the 20th of June.

*All images are of features currently under development.