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 Roar of a Vengeful Moon


Moon Marionettes, It’s Show Time!

Budding Flower of Destruction, “Six” (MK-VI)

An android girl made by Sakaki the Creator, Kaguya’s father. Her model number is “MK-VI”, however those who are close to her call her “Six”.

She is the first of the androids to have a fully-functional circuitry for emotions, and it would be no stretch to say that she could be considered the mother of all the androids born on the moon.

Because she was one of Sakaki’s first inventions when he just begun to work as a researcher at the Palace of Rain, he had her work for him at his home as his property. She is said to have also taken care of Kaguya during her childhood.

However when Kaguya and her father each left for Earth on their own, and Kaguya’s mother Oboro decided to go to the Palace of Rain, Six was put away into a warehouse that had no power.

After the incident with Lunar Spirit Kaguya-Hime, Oboro returned home and restarted Six to have her take care of the house.

While she may have emotions fully installed and can act freely, her thought circuitry is not as fast or flexible as her younger sister “Ninety-Nine”, or any of the new androids for that matter because she is an older model.

Sakaki is said to have based her appearance on some anime he saw on Earth.

Illustration: Hideyuki Yoshida

▼”Six" Voice(CV:Kana Miyamoto)
  • 01.Yes, please leave it to me. MK-VI.
  • 02.Laundry… correct? Right away! I’ll prepare the bucket and laundry to be washed and get some water from the river. Please wait approximately 1860 seconds until the laundry washing is complete.
  • 03.Commence Wide Area Shock Arts (1st Type).

Gears of the Future, “Ninety-Nine” (MK-XCIX)

An android girl made by Sakaki the Creator, Kaguya’s father. Her model number is “MK-XCIX”, however those who are close to her call her “Ninety-Nine”.

She was made by Sakaki in the image of Six, whom he held many fond memories of.

Although created tens of generations apart, her appearance is a spitting image of Six and she looks up to her as a sister. She is the last cutting-edge android made by Sakaki, her emotions and movements are parallel to those of the citizens of the moon and humans.

However because she was created in the Palace of Rain’s Research Labs, her emotion circuitry was shut down after Sakaki left for Earth; she was only ever booted-up when they needed her to perform certain tasks.

Since regaining her emotions she works hard as the little sister who takes care of her older sister, despite this grown-up trait she can be somewhat meddlesome, often getting involved in other people’s business.

Lately she has also been showing signs of a conflict that sometimes arises within her--a conflict born from the clash of her feelings and the fact that she is an android maid from the moon.


Illustration: Hideyuki Yoshida

▼“Ninety-Nine” Voice(CV:Kana Miyamoto)
  • 01.Roger that. MK-XCIX, deploying for combat.
  • 02.Hold on Big Sister, your apron is coming loose. Please keep an eye out for these kinds of things.
  • 03.Special rounds! Fire!

The Story Until Now

The Shogun of the Kagura Government, Yorimoto, has been abducted from the mechanical metropolis of Edo.

As the search for him progresses toward Oushuu, the second great barrier collapses,
leaving the highway engulfed by the toxic Miasma of the Kamikui.

A powerful Magatama opens the way but beyond the corruption of Miasma awaits the ancient evil, awoke and terrible in his rage... Satan.

Defeated by that great might and face down in the field of battle, a power awakens within the Oni: Divine Possession.

With her heart open to the Oni of Onigashima, Shizuka's yearning cry is heard by the Goddess of Love: Venus.

His mask forgotten as he watches a life grow dim, Miroku's howl of desperation is heard by the Undying Hero: Siegfried.


Satan is felled at the Terminus of Oushuu Highway... However, a new Kamikui arises from his ashes.

Unable to match the might of their new foe,
our heroes desperately seek a clue which will help unravel their enemy's power.

On this journey they face their past,
and encounter the gods:

Called forth by Yoshitsune's unbreakable resolution, The Arbiter of Justice: Valkyrie.

Summoned by the return of Momotarou's true heart and the resurrected retainer, The Guardian of Justice: Asura

Beckoned by Ibaraki Douji to throw off her the fetters of her past, The Auspicious Kirin.


The true motives of Goikkou remain hitherto unknown and the path ahead of our heroes is shrouded in mystery...

From The Full Moon, A Maiden Falls

Having saved the magic floating city of Kyoto from the fate of being brought crashing down, our heroes are enjoying a short respite. Amaterasu has not even left the bounds of the city when Benkei intercepts a strangely familiar signal.

Following the dim signal to its source they discover a female android in a wretched shape. Something about this young girl's features stir a distant memory in Kaguya.

A mechanical maiden's fall from the moon? That could only mean...

A mechanical maiden's
Collecting required materials from the unlocked dungeons and exchanging with Gennai will enable you to repair the fallen android maiden.

Gennai's exchange will feature not only repair parts, but also all new special accessories!


Alongside the opening of Part 1 of our main story, we will also be holding an opening event. Throughout the course of the event you'll be able able to exchange less than the usual amount of items required to obtain an accessory. We'll also be adding some convenient items to the exchange!

*The accessories will remain in the game however when the event has ended, the amount of materials required to exchange for them will increase.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to obtain all new special accessories!

Event Times

This event will be running from after maintenance on the 4th of July until before maintenance on the 25th of July.

New Achievements

New achievements are being introduced to our main storylines! Receive rewards for your accomplishments while unravelling the mysteries of the Goikkou.

Limited Time Achievements
From the end of maintenance on the 4th of July until maintenance on the 25th of July a series of achievements using existing main quests as their clear conditions will be added.

The rewards from these achievements can be accepted immediately after the conditions are met.


Fateful Encounter of the Two Dolls

The warnings from Six about the danger Earth faces, and Benkei suddenly flying off into the sky away from our heroes...

Just what on earth is going on? Let’s all head to the moon to discover the truth with our very own eyes!

With steel cold eyes, a girl that looks just like Six makes her appearance. She’s protecting “something”.

A closed off room--his room! The puzzle pieces from this mystery are slowly coming together.

With the inclusion of this update, a new weapon is also being added!

You can get the recipe for this weapon by fulfilling some special requirements.
new weapon

That’s not all, on top of all this we will also be holding a “Roar of a Vengeful Moon: Part II” release event.

During this event you can get your hands on some really helpful items through the item exchange and complete some limited-time achievements! So swing on by and participate while you can!

Event Period
July 25th, 2017 after maintenance ~ August 22nd, 2017 before maintenance.

For those who complete the main quest, a special opportunity is waiting for you. A special quest that rewards you with the Summoner’s Scroll for either “Six” or “Ninety-Nine” will become available upon completion of the main quest.

Pick your favorite and let her take care of you as your personal maid!
Six&Ninety-Nine * The quest allow you to obtain “Six” and “Ninety-Nine’”s Summoner’s Scrolls will still be available after this event has ended.

*The images are currently in development and subject to change.