Onigashima Halloween 2017

The Knight of the Lake is an autumn reader?!

Graceful Autumn Lancelot Graceful Autumn Lancelot Graceful Autumn Lancelot
▼Graceful Autumn Lancelot's Voice:(CV: Ai Kakuma)
  • 01. I just can't relax without my armour...
  • 02. Trick ... Or... Treat.... Don't laugh! You think I don't know I'm out of place?!
  • 03. My favourite book? Obviously the exploits of my king.
Illustration: Yuuki Yuchi CV: Ai Kakuma

The knight of the Round Table who serves his majesty King Arthur and came from the distant land of Britain. While on the search for Yoruko the apprentice witch, a bit of trouble meant trading in her armor for something a little different.

With her regular clothes and musket out of commision, she had no choice but to wear the clothes provided by Nobunaga's underling Hideyoshi Toyotomi. She doesn't seem too happy about it though...

The book she's been reading is the legend of King Arthur. She usually reads the book with great delight but it seems this book doesn't always portray Arthur in a positive light. She's been witnessed throwing the book to the ground in frustration.

When they celebrate Halloween in Britain it seems that while Gawain gives out candy, Tristan receives mountains of it without even asking! King Arthur however maintains a vigil to ward off vengeful spirits.

Lancelot has some skills in the kitchen so in preparation of meeting King Arthur she has been researching Japanese cuisine.

The second half of the "Onigashima Halloween 2017" will be introducing the Summoner's Scroll - Graceful Autumn Lancelot! To get your hands on one of these scrolls, start collecting event items in event dungeons and you'll be able to win it in the Halloween Treasure Chest Nyankoropon!

We're also including gorgeous new accessories with the event!
Happy Halloween
The second half of the "Onigashima Halloween 2017" kicks off soon!

Katsuie Joins The Battle!

Katsuie Katsuie Katsuieß
▼Shibata Katsuie's Voice:(CV:Asakawa Yuu)
  • 01. "The Demon Shibata"? That's me! Try me... You'll find yourself in a proud battle with an Oda warrior!
  • 02. Hideoyoshi? That flakey, sycophant who sucks up to anybody and everybody? She's so annoying.
  • 03. A fight?! You're ON! I'll cut you every last one of you to pieces with this blade!
Illustration:Natasha CV:Asakawa Yuu

A loyal commander of Nobunaga Oda's, she is known as "The Demon Shibata". She leads the well recognised 'Special Attack Force' of Nobunaga's army. She is very straight-laced and often voices her belief in strength above all. But it seems she is more soft-hearted than she would like to let on.

She often clashes with the light-hearted and flippant Hideyoshi which almost always throws the surroundings into a similar state of chaos. However, there is a rumor she dealt with an underling spreading gossip about Hideyoshi with extreme prejudice. Perhaps there is more to her than meets the eye?

Rather than fawn over Nobunaga's every whim as Hideyoshi does, Katsuie will protest when she believes something to be wrong. It seems that Nobunaga also values this aspect of Katsuie’s personality.

Katsuie has long been a loyal supporter of the Oda family. However, when the family head passed the reigns of power to Nobunaga, Katsuie took part in the rebellion against her. After defeat, she came to respect Nobunaga and swore her loyalty.

She’s never told anyone, but she is secretly a little jealous of all the cute candy that Hideyoshi is always eating.