Shining Sakura

Idol Unit Debut!?

Kintoki’s Roll Call

It seems like a certain girl has brought a guitar Onigashima? Rumor has it she’s aspiring to become an idol, but she’s apparently lost her confidence...?

The girl with a small body yet a large heart, Sakata Kintoki, has wound up getting involved in this situation, so she has gone to the capitol in search of members to form an idol group!

In search of a unique image for each member, the girls have decided to band together as a unit!

Will the girls and Kintoki be able to make their idol debut!?

Little by little it will become clear exactly who is fit to be chosen as Onigiri’s top idol!
Who will be chosen...As Onigiri’s Top Idol!?

The 5 Lovely Idols, Unite!

At last, the 5 members of Onigiri’s idol unit have been united!
Ono no Komachi, Sakata Kintoki, Izuna, Satan, and Amanojaku are ready to take the stage!

Illust: Beriko

Immediately after preparing a matching set of idol outfits, the people of Kyoto are making an uproar about rampaging Youkai!
But what exactly are they all shouting...?

Suppress the Rampaging Youkai in Kyoto!

An event dungeon has been released in Kyoto!
Let’s take down the Youkai that are rampaging in the streets!

The Mysterious Youkai Escape

Though most of the Youkai can be suppressed, it seems like a certain threatening one has broken loose!
Our group of Oni have tried to chase, but instead have found...
Kijimuna and Onmoraki!


According to the Kijimuna, there are several Youkai causing disturbances around Kyoto...
Fortunately Komachi is giving orders for the idol members so they can lend their support!

Save the people, and collect more fans!

After collecting more fans in Kyoto, the preparation for the tour in Kumaso will begin!
In order for the members to be successful, their manager’s support is essential!

Let’s make this tour a big hit!!!

*All images are under development and are subject to change.

Ono no Komachi... The Elegant Idol?

Ono no Komachi Profile

llust: Beriko

A solo singer idol who is on an adventure to obtain the highest title of entertainer.

Under the influence of her mother she began as a traditional Japanese song artist, but she was deeply moved by the concert of Ariwara no Narihira, so much so that she decided she wanted to become an idol. With a new passion she quit traditional Japanese music, nevertheless she still recites classical Japanese poems in secret.

She has had live performances on the streets of Kyoto, but nobody ever stopped and listened to her, and she’s only been able to sell one record... to her grandpa Ono no Takamura. In an attempt to spread her name she has embarked on what she likes to call a “Street Concert Live Tour”. The first person to compliment her singing was her manager (MC), and ever since then she has declared the MC her first fan. Her grandfather being number zero.

She is still a little embarrassed when it comes to writing about romance, so much that she often crumbles up her lyric sheets. Her favorite foods include her grandfather’s rice crackers and her mother’s nikujaga.

▼ “Ono no Komachi” Voice(CV: Kuwahara Yuuki)
  • 01Get ready for the super fantastic idol Komachi!
  • 02For my manager/first fan I’ll give you my autographed record. It comes with a special bonus-A ticket for my meet and greet! ... Hey don’t run away...!
  • 03Due to various circumstances today’s concert is... cancelled... *whimpers*

1-Page Manga Release!

Amanojaku’s Makeover Manga: Tsukinami Kousuke

The Lovely Idol, Sakata Kintoki

Sakata Kintoki’s Profile!

llust: Beriko

A charismatic Youkai exterminator, she is one of the Four Devas that Sadamitsu Usui leads.

Though it’s a bit unexpected that she’s teamed up with the upcoming idol Ono no Komachi and decided to form an idol unit, she looks brilliant in the idol clothes she’s chosen! In fact, they are so cute she seems to be amazed with the way they flutter.

Although she feels they do not fit her role of a Youkai exterminator, she has pushed her embarrassment aside because that kind of behavior is unfit for an idol!

Though at one time Kintoki was accustomed to occasionally ripping her clothing when she fought during sumo matches, Komachi has strictly warned Kintoki not to do this.

Komachi has given her the stage name of ‘‘Tokkii’’, but she has not yet grown used to it, so at times she will not respond.

There are times when she cooks up a storm for her friends and treats them to delicious meals. Komachi took a picture of her cooking and has been humorously talking nonstop about about this wonderful trait of Tokkii.

▼ “Sakata Kintoki” - Idol Voice(CV: Mogami Miyu)
  • 01“I’m the Idol, Sakata Kintoki, here to sing her beary best!” ...Does that sound alright?
  • 02Oni-chan, what do you think of my new style~? With your support, I’ll continue to shine as an idol!
  • 03Oni-chan, look~ look~ I got this thing called a “fan letter”! Hehe~ This is all thanks to everyone’s help!

The Vibrant Idol Unit Members!

Amanojaku & Satan & Izuna’s Profile

Amanojaku & Satan & Izuna’s
llust: Beriko

Unit costumes for the Shining Sakura Members “Ono no Komachi”, “Satan”, “Amanojaku”, “Izuna” will be added to the Yorozu Exchange.

Amanojaku (CV:Aihara Kotomi)

A prankster who makes Kyoto his nest. Despite being an Amanojaku he is really bad at lying, always saying how he feels on accident. As the trap of the group he has adopted the nickname of “Jackii” while dishing out amazing dance routines.

▼ "Amanojaku" Voice (CV:Aihara Kotomi)
  • 01I’m Jackii... Nice to meet you, Manager. Komachi, how’s that? It’s cool? Yay!
  • 02Flyer pictures...? No way! They say cameras can steal your soul right?!
  • 03Tricking everyone like this is kind of fun, and they’re all having fun too... Hey what’s wrong?! Don’t look at me like that! ... Idiot.

Satan (CV:Matsui Eriko)

A girl boasting the powers of the Kamikui. She was summoned by Ashiya-Douman, and has a “better than you” attitude toward all humans. While she looks down on humans she loves her friend Gargoyle who she feels a sisterly bond with. She’s the spicy and audacious member of the group and has taken the name of “Satan-sama” while in the group.

Izuna (CV:Yamazaki Moe)

A girl who lost her mother and decided to live amongst people in order to forget her loneliness. She was actually a crybaby but after taking her priestess duties she became very reliable. Under the group she has adopted the name of “Izuna-tan” and is doing her best to sing and dance.

Furthermore, “Outfit Change - Amanojaku Idol-” will have new special voice lines for “Jackii”. Don’t miss this chance to get all 4 unit member’s costumes!