When You clear the event, you can become friends with “Tohoku Zunko” and “Tohoku Kiritan”.

Tohoku Zunko / Tohoku Kiritan Zunko Family Mini Character Accessories are here! What’s with this monster!? It seems so familiar...!

*All images are currently under development and subject to change.

The Zunda Cafe is coming to Onigashima?!

The two girls standing in front of the statue in Onigashima are “Tohoku Zunko” and “Tohoku Kiritan”, they came all the way to Onigashima to spread their love for the Japanese snack known as “zunda mochi”. It seems they are in need of some help.

Talk to Zunko to lend her a helping hand in her quest to spread her love for zunda mochi!

Take part in the event dungeons and...

Take down swarms of enemies all in the name of zunda mochi!

Is that... Zundamon?
Everything in the name of zunda mochi! Let’s take on these new challenges. Let’s help our heroes open up the zunda cafe!

Once you have finished all your zunda mochi quests you will be graciously rewarded with either “Tohoku Zunko” or “Tohoku Kiritan” as your new partner!

Tohoku Zunko is a Vanguard Swap Character / Tohoku Kiritan is a Support Partner Character
  • * “Tohoku Zunko” is a “Vanguard Swap Character” which can switch places with your character while in battle. “Tohoku Kiritan” is a “Support Partner Character” which supports you while in battle.
  • * You may only obtain ONE character as your reward from completing the quest.

Furthermore you can use the items you obtained from the dungeons to get amazing new weapons and other goodies from Tohoku Zunko’s item exchange! You can also use them to spin the all new treasure chest nyankoropon!

Get all the collab items!

Destroy tons of monsters and get tons of collab items!

Event Period

May 29th after maintenance up until June 25th before maintenance.

*All images are under development and are subject to changes.

Tohoku Zunko/CV:Satō Satomi

A cute girl who came to Onigashima to spread around her love for zunda mochi. Her love for zunda mochi knows no boundaries.

She has a special ability that allows her to transform any mochi into a zunda mochi. She says that she obtained this ability because she was struck by lightning at one point.

Her dream is to have a her own zunda cafe in Akihabara. She came to Onigashima because her big sister Tohoku Itako saw an ad for a vacant building that is looking for tenants.

Right away Zunko has made herself at home and is spreading her love for zunda mochi.

Apparently she can also speak to edamame?! She says that the edamame in Onigashima like to chat a lot!

  • Voice
    I'm Tohoku Zunko! A zunda mochi loving girl! Let's do our best!
  • Voice
    Tohoku Zunko ready to spread the zunda mochi love to the entire world!
  • Voice
    Kiritan is a cute little sister! But I don't want her make a photo book from all my pictures... I gotta delete that picture she took of my thighs earlier...
illust: Nataasha
illust: Nataasha

Tohoku Kiritan/CV:Akaneya Himika

A cute girl who joined her sister's plans to spread the love of zunda mochi as way to get some sightseeing done!

The two long sticks behind her back are actually guns. They are packed full of miso and can fire many rounds. The shiny ornaments on her head are actually knives!

Her hobbies include gaming, shutting herself in her room, and searching for doujinshi. She really loves her big sister Zunko. She has another older sister known as Tohoku Itako, she calls her Tako Nee-sama.

She looks like she is hitting off with Kaguya thanks to her otaku hobbies. They have even agreed to exchange some of their doujinshi.

  • Voice
    I'm Tohoku Kiritan. My hobbies include playing games, searching for doujinshi, Zun Nee-sama, Zun Nee-sama, and Zun Nee-sama!
  • Voice
    If you're that strong you'll be okay if I decide to take a little break right? Oh... No?
  • Voice
    Zun Nee-sama's skin is so soft it's amazing! I would love to use her thighs as a pillow. *Dozes off*

Zunko & Kiritan’s Special Conversations

When you summon “Tohoku Zunko” and “Tohoku Kiritan” in your party at the same time you will be able to hear a special voiced conversation between the two of them! There are a total of 10 lines! Please get both of them in your party and have a listen to all the variations.

  • Special Voiced Conversation

New Accessories!

In the second half of the event we will be adding extra accessories!

This accessory can be obtained as one of the dungeon clear rewards.

You can also use the Zunda Arrow!Zunda Skill CardsSkill CardsAre coming!

Skill CardsZunda Arrow Zunda Arrow
Skill CardsZunda Saber Zunda Saber
Skill CardsOugi Zunda Hyper Arrow Ougi Zunda Hyper Arrow

You can obtain some limited time event zunda skills!

You can get the zunda skill cards as part of the dungeon clear rewards. You can obtain them through your lucky box.lucky box

  • Skill cards are items that let you add skills to your weapons. The added skill will randomly overwrite one of your weapons existing skills.

There will also be a treasure chest nyankoropon, the “Zunda Treasure Chest Nyankoropon”! Don’t miss this chance to get all kinds of new items!

Event Duration:

May 29th after maintenance up until June 25th before maintenance.