Oguchi Makami the Frigid Wolf

Oguchi Makami
““Oguchi Makami” Voice(CV: Kijima Ryuichi)
  • 1. Oguchi Makami is here and ready to bite you down!
  • 2. Did you call me, old friend? I can hear your voice from wherever!
  • 3. I’ll chomp down on everything!

A wolf who makes its nesting ground in the lands of Asuka. Feared for his ruthless demeanor and known to devour his opponents without giving them a chance to speak.

He wields the powers of ice and all land he steps on freezes instantly. He loves watching innocent creatures have fun, but is somewhat sad that he cannot approach them without them freezing.

He gets his powers from the consumption of the evil energies his enemies have accumulated in their bodies. Of course he also eats normal foods, but he loves the way all that evil energy tastes. People fear that he may devour them to if they hold any evil in their hearts.

While he doesn’t hate Fuujin and Raijin he has some trouble getting along with them at times. According to him, Raijin doesn’t have an easy going attitude and Fuujin gives him strange looks.

1 Page Manga Feature!

lone wolf Manga: Tsukinami Kousuke

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Introducing the New Item: “Shapeshifting Scroll”


When using the “Shapeshifting Scroll”, the corresponding “Shapeshifting Weapon” will be unleashed.

From the outfit terminal screen, by equipping the “Shapeshifting Weapon”, you can change only the appearance while keeping the performance and level of the weapon you have!

In this event, a new series of Silver Ryu weapons will be introduced through the Shapeshifting Scrolls!


Be sure to play through the event so you can obtain

Furthermore, we are releasing this adorable “Shiba Kami” head accessory!

Shiba Kami

We will also be releasing many more new items in this event, so please look forward to them!

■Event Duration

July 3rd after maintenance ~ to July 30th before maintenance

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