Summer Update

Himiko & Musashi Wallpaper


illust: Natasha

Download Here

The new outfits worn by Himiko and Musashi in the wallpaper are also available for purchase in the Shopping Plaza!
Take Himiko and Musashi out with you on your adventures in all new outfits!

★Outfit Change Scroll

Using an “Outfit Change Scroll” will unlock new skills and a new outfit choice for Himiko or Musashi!
* “Outfit Change Scrolls” can only be used on characters whom you have already unlocked.

Himiko & Musashi SS

Difficulty Level “Oni”

★New Dungeon Difficulty Introduction!

In addition to the regular difficulty settings of “Normal”, “Hard” and “Hell” we are happy to introduce “Oni”.

If you choose to challenge this difficulty level, please be aware that there are rules for the dungeon and that as this difficulty is aimed at experienced users, a portion of your abilities will be restricted in order to make it challenging.

In order to challenge this difficulty level, Normal, Hard and Hell must be completed first.

For clearing a dungeon on the “Oni” difficulty level, you will receive one of the following medals of honor to keep as a symbol of your achievements or to trade for prizes as you see fit: Zenith Medal - First Class, Zenith Medal - Second Class, Zenith Medal - Third Class.

The following dungeons have had an “Oni” difficulty level added:

Mount Kurama
Netherworld Space
Central Koshi-no-Shiraen
Sado Mine
Lamenting River: Headwaters
Shortcut *Shortcut portals to these dungeons have been installed near Kiichihougen in Onigashima.
You can challenge these dungeons with your usual equipment, but your stats will be limited! Step up to see if you have what it takes!
*Dungeon rules may be revised, please confirm rules before entering a dungeon.

Gameplay Balance and Bugfixes

★Battle Adjustments

・Enemy Critical Hit Rate Revision

Depending on the player’s P.Def the rate of enemy critical strikes has been reduced. This has made it more difficult for a player to receive critical damage from all enemy types.

→ Regarding The Enemy Critical Hit Rate Revision
At present, high level enemies within Onigiri have what has been deemed an excessively high chance of dealing critical damage to the player.

The general rate of critical attacks at times when the player’s P.Def is insufficient has also been lowered from the rate used up until now.
The rate of critical hits will from now be based upon the enemy level.

・Enemy Rotation Speed

The speed at which enemies turn has been adjusted. All enemies have had their turning rotation speed reduced.

・Addition of a New fixed Rate For Chiami Magatama and Valkyrie Attack

We will be modifying the effect “Restore % of critical damage to HP”.

・All Weapons Class’s Damage Revision

We will be changing a mechanic which fluctuated damaged based on the enemy’s size, which means the damage to all enemies will be increasing.
(As damage was based on enemy size there are a small amount of weapons whose damage will not change)

・Chiami Magatama

Restore 3% of critical damage to HP → When critical damage is dealt, 3% of maximum HP will be restored.

・Added Buff to Valkyrie Regular Attack

Restore 2% of critical damage to HP → When critical damage is dealt, 10% of maximum HP will be restored. (Regular, Jump and Dash Attacks).

*The rate of health recovery will vary between difficulty levels, but will always be as a % of MAX HP.

→ Regarding the balance of “○○% of maximum HP will be restored”
At present the Chiami Magatama and Valkyrie Buff attacks allow players to restore % of critical damage to HP. However, through this there were times when the compensatory HP restoration exceeded damage dealt by an enemy.

Following the settings of this balance, the HP restoration rate has been set to a fixed level (MAX HP).

Users affected by this balance will be notified regarding compensation at a later date. Users deemed as affected are as follows:
・Users have ornamented the Chiami Magatama (from launch until now)
・Users who currently have the “Valkyrie” character.

★Sake Balancing

・Moon King

As part of our battle balance, the Sake “Moon King” will have the following modifications made to its effects and effect time:

Movement Speed+20 → Movement Speed+25
Lasts 3 minutes → Lasts 5 minutes


As part of our battle balance, the Sake “Chidori” will have the following modifications made to its effects and effect time:

Cool Reduction 30% → Cool Reduction 15%
Lasts 2 minutes 20 seconds → Lasts 3 minutes

★Bug Fix

・Guard Bug

A bug which would allow a player to continue blocking after being struck with a Stop, Stun or Freeze status effect has been repaired.

A bug which caused a player to take debuff status, even when a Just Guard succeeds, has been repaired.