Introducing Divine Possession Asura!

Summoned to this world through our heroes’ “Divine Possession” technique, Asura is the deity clad in the flame of righteousness.

He is the ruler of one of the 6 Deva realms, continually fighting to protect it. While his speech may be rough and boastful, his spirit is overflowing with the justice and he will not forgive wicked or twisted deeds.

The halo on his back burns brightly with a flame of a spider spinning its web, and when it stretches forth it greets sinners not in benevolence, but in judgement, to burn them in hellfire for eternity.

As Momotarou's body is used to manifest Asura, there are times when his personality starts to come out during the possession.

Available from 6/28 until 7/26

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It has been a while since I came to the world of man. It is as cruel as ever.

More than compassion and love, righteousness is a virtue I must continue to protect!

My name is Asura, the Guardian of Justice!

Resurrection of a Hero's Past

A hole has been bored through the Temporal Rift…

Chasing the evil that crawled forth, our heroes find themselves in the Three Deity Sanctuary.

From within this holy sanctuary the ancient aberration makes his escape. However, a unknown man makes an appearance.

A man who surely passed from the world of the living. A loyal retainer who followed a hero until death.

And with his appearance, so too come memories long since locked away… The former hero Momotarou’s heart continues to be silently consumed...

All the work of cursed demon Mephistopheles, and the drama he has wrought!

The adventure continues from 6/28!


The New Power of Miyamoto Musashi

Along with this update’s all new character, we are introducing a new function for Musashi, and that function’s name is“Awakening”.

If you use 3 “Summoner’s Scrolls - Miyamoto Musashi”, her “Awakening” function will be unlocked!

This allows you to acquire new outfits for Musashi, as well as introduces all new skills.

Two new options, “Normal” and “Awakening”, have been added to Musashi’s partner screen menu.


Furthermore, Musashi’s level cap has been raised to 150!With this increased strength, what adventures await you both?!