A country of legend,
where fairies run unchecked and unbridled: Britain.

The one chosen to rule that land is spoken of in legend.
The only one who could carry the holy crab sword Excalibur - the boy-king Arthur.
He and the knights of the round table,
holders of most meritorious deeds.

They were in birth, and life,
distinct from one another and in conflict but pursuant of the same goal.
To ensure the longevity and safety of their country,
without regard for means or measure.

Their ultimate prize was
the omnipotent relic which would
grant its owner's wishes, The Holy Grail.

".... This ancient tale tells of
one king (a crab) and his 12 knights (also crabs) unifying the lands of Britain under one righteous rule."
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Arthur, The Crab Dragon

Behold, the might of my holy sword!

The feudal lord who became a king of Britain, the homeland of fairies.
Chosen by the sword Excalibur,
he was already possessed with the temperament of a king (a most uncrabby crab).

As he had sent the Knights of Round in search of The Grail,
he grew lonely with no company and eventually decided to search for it himself, in secret.

Although, lately the king has been a bit depressed as Mordred has entered that
"rebellious age".
His favourite onigiri is the one which has conquered the simple path,
plain salt.

King Arthur
  • 01:My name is King Arthur! Call upon through Divine Crustacean Possession!
  • 02:By Crabscalibur, I command you! Lay down your lives for Britain!
  • 03:Search, great knights! Search far and wide for The Grail!
  • 04:Crabscalibur ! Ha ha ha!
  • 05?:.... OK.

If swung, it can tear the land, when pushed against the heavens, it can pierce them. The sword that is the source of Britain’s pride, Crabscalibur.

Because its might could destroy an entire army with a single stroke, it is said that whoever holds this sword shall command victory in battle.
However, because its might is so great it is believed that it could only be swung at most twice in one day.

It can also not be used as a regular sword, as blowing away your allies as well as enemies remains a very real possibility.
And unless the majority of the Knights of the Round agree to its use, permission cannot be granted.

Perhaps a digression from the tale at hand, however,
the ‘crab’ component of this blade may also be consumed as emergency rations.
It seems its best before date is quite soon….

Knights of The Round Table

The term used to describe the knights who, beginning with King Arthur, gather to protect Britain.
It seems the Knights of Round Table live in many ways, as common people.
As such they have mastered methods of war as well as become a group of
‘Jack of all trades’ helping with a wide range of chores..
In fact there are two knights who have left the group already over issues of salary.

Why don’t you start as a part-timer with the goal of being hired full-time?
The hourly wage is 3 onigiri per hour!

Knights of The Round Table! Lancelot