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Looks like Cyberstep won't be updating the story content

PostPosted: 24 Oct 2020, 18:57
by Cirno
It been like months I was expecting a new story where we will continue divine quest from Kaguya but instead we getting events instead and no new level cap updates . What's the point in having events when people want new updates to story modes this isn't the 1st time Cyberstep let us down we need new story modes .

Re: Looks like Cyberstep won't be updating the story content

PostPosted: 06 Nov 2020, 05:41
by Wet,_wet
Hey you Respect the fan Name CyberStep Mr./Mrs. This isen't a ten year old beta pup Dog, you know how it works around here. The literary works of a master stop if the intended audience has paused and doesn't even try to reach the level cap in reality if you band together with your companions and complete the content offered until everyone gets there like in the old days we'd be aprouching the underworld/temptation saga the expirence latter (that already shrunk, twice!) to guidance you onward past Lv. 135 is fully prepared to expand to the script limit with the press of a button since it's incarnation in the 2014's when two additional death scythes were added to the nether and the very first chapter of the achient mystical adventure finally expanded to The Veronica Saga and the land of Kaga which was (that's right!) was Lv. 1,000 and you with leylines on anyone but yourself for a reasonable excuse as to how the pond has dried all but shut. Go on and tell me how your own adventure is when 95.99% are left behind the river curve and have yet to expirence the entire block already fully provided, No yes me too CyberStep put your feet up I got this. Don't remember? or to new a player bouncing oni baby butt boy CyberStep Channel YouTube OnigiriTV Boldly Printed acritically voiced and translated (to perfection!) I might add and oh it's a vaporware when you have zero burn going I volunteer sir that one will be rushed right out for you.