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Is there a suggestion part in this forum?

Anything Onigiri related!

Is there a suggestion part in this forum?

Postby Lann » 11 Jun 2014, 01:41

Seriously, is there one?

I think it would help if there was one.

Anyway, here's my suggestions:
1. The exp, double it once more! and I think that would satisfy "the people" who claim it's still hard. Though I think at this exp rate, at higher levels, the exp gain would be too little.

2. Why isn't there any [Fist Type] weapons? Delivering earth shattering, heaven piercing, universe dividing blows should be normal for an oni.

3. More hairstyles for the men. Lel, I heard people saying that men lack hair.

Although my main objective is the suggestion parts, I put in my suggestions as well.
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