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Old Player Looking for New Gaming Family :)

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Old Player Looking for New Gaming Family :)

Postby amepondesu » 03 Jun 2015, 09:00

Hello :)

I was a really avid Onigiri player last summer and I got my character really high leveled last summer, but because I had to start college this year I wasn't able to play Onigiri everyday like I did in the summer. Now that it's the summer again I am looking to meet some new and cool people who can be a tight nit gaming family! I had one last year, but we've all drifted since then so I'm looking for new people! I'm looking to help anyone who is lower level that needs help clearing dungeons or anyone who is higher level that can help me clear dungeons I need help on and get me to the newer cities~

I'm Erena in the game :D
I am level 73 who is well equipped bow user!
I also have really good healing rods as well so I can be a strong support during group runs!

If you're interested leave a message or ID and I'll try to get back to you :D
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