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NEW OLD Player returns; I have returned! :D

PostPosted: 18 Aug 2015, 09:19
by Marimo
Konichiwa. My name is Marimo or Marimo_kun if you prefer calling me that even though my hair isn't green and bushy like Roronoa Zoro from One Piece. xD Recently I've been playing Onigiri in the Dagger Peak which is sad to say that it has come to an end of that event, but hey I had fun playing it for a while when it came out except the horrors of being instantly killed with dem CRITS and mostly the RNG slot machine! MMORPG more like MMORNG! More, More, Oug... Random, New, Gear... Thx CyberStep! Just what I need a pair of undies... >_< Whateves... I also regret coming back here after a year has passed by where everything is still somewhat the same. I'm not impressed... CS! Not at all... -_- I'm not here ranting just about yet probably later on my next post, but I'm here to tell ya that an old player like me has returned to see what I've missed, so far I wished I was back playing Diablo 3 ROS right about now rather than this. That being said; I'm gonna go play D3 for a bit, but I'll see yall around in Onigiri too. My IGN isn't a big surprise. All 4 of them have a last name "Valkyrie" without the quotes, so I'll be around with 4 Valkyrie sisters minus Alicia from the game "Valkyrie Profile." I <3 that game. :)