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金剛界 English Player Here

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金剛界 English Player Here

Postby Panther » 26 Feb 2014, 20:22

Hi there.

They finally resolved the issue that made me unable to post here for a good long bit, so here I am. If you require assistance in the Japanese version of the game and you play in the same server as I do, 金剛界 (Kongou server), I will be more than willing to help you in terms of info, perhaps some dungeon runs too if I am not busy with other things. I am currently level 69 in the game as of this post.

My character ID is シリウス ハント. Copy as is if you play this on the PC and want to add me as a friend. Press ALT, which brings up the menu, go to the third icon, and select the last option (4th) to open the friend list. At the top of the friend list click the button to open up the "Add Friend" menu, and put my name in there. After adding me, you can send me a whisper by right-clicking on my character ID in the friend list, and selecting the first option. Let me know you came from this forum immediately after you added me. If you get a system message while trying to send the whisper, it means I am offline. I will contact you when I come back on because I will be notified that someone tried to add me, if so.

I play almost in Japan time (only an hour behind) so you might not catch me on at your playing times. Cheers, and have fun.
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