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Hey guys.

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Hey guys.

Postby Yun Lee Nok » 19 Jun 2016, 19:45

Hey all.

I'm Yun. I'm from Taiwan and I played Onigiri TW for quite a bit back in the early 2015.
I stopped playing Onigiri TW ever since my friends there all quit one by one suddenly and I was tired of playing solo.
I then moved onto other games. But after watching the recently released Onigiri anime by Zack Promotion & Sentai Filmworks, it made
me want to play this game again. I'm interested on what the Onigiri US server has to offer so I came here instead of going back to my old acc
in Onigiri TW.

After 1 year hiatus, needless to say, I have completely forgotten all the game mechanisms and the ways to build my character. Hopefully, I will be to catch up
in no time.

Anyway, Nice to meet you all.
My ign is Yun Lee Nok as well, and if you just so happen to see me in game, don't hesitate to say hi. I don't bite.
Yun Lee Nok
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