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New to Pc, from Xbox

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New to Pc, from Xbox

Postby Anomalous Soul » 27 Jun 2016, 20:12

Hey guys. Made it to Kaga on Xbox One but the friend I was playing with got his character bugged and said fuck it.

So now I'm here! Enjoying it but have seemed to have plateaued as far as increasing power has gone. 3 lightning Tachibana bows but cant seem to find an upgrade. Enough about that though thats for another thread.

Anyway my IGN is Rachel Raine. Look forward to playing with some of you
Anomalous Soul
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Re: New to Pc, from Xbox

Postby TheonlyDaichi » 29 Jun 2016, 16:00

I look forwards to playing with you as well! Note, I can't do much until the Levinlance Gargoyle decides to be nice, and the others do the same. I'm stuck to random crap weapons, so.

I can help you find an upgrade as well, but it depends on your level. I am kind of floating between Halo and Onigiri [Xbox and PC, don't play the two on the same thing], so if I'm in game, feel free to hit me up. I'll help if I'm not trying to beat the Gargoyles into submission with some help.

My IGN's are in my signature ^~^
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