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Hello, new person here!

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2016, 02:20
by Rimika
As the title states, I'm new to Onigiri. I started a few days ago (on PS4 and then made an account for PC to see what the differences were if there were any). I really like the game so far but I'm stuck on a few parts. If you're underleveled, where would the best places to level up be? Are there any dungeons that can't be soloed?
I have a few characters so far on the PS4 and PC to see which playstyles I liked and didn't like.
So if you see a YuPlatinum/Keiima/Tzuna on PS4 or Kurodio/Keiia/Rimika on PC running around that's me haha. And a few of the dungeons after fighting Momotarou were a bit hard for me, but I got through them okay. ^^ Nice meeting you all and see you in game!

Re: Hello, new person here!

PostPosted: 07 Nov 2016, 18:56
by Riddras
Hey welcome to the PC version.

Leveling question was answered here:

If you prefer playing solo, rest assured you can solo this game all the way close to the ending. You don't even need overly powerful equipment to do so.

What time do you usually play? Will make sure to say hi if I see you.