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<3 I'm new and I want friends!

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<3 I'm new and I want friends!

Postby skykanin » 01 Sep 2017, 09:43

I'm Leah, but in game my name is Okazaki Kitsu (丘咲橘). I just want a lot of friends, because mmo's are boring alone. Please, add me! I like talking to people.

Where is the normal gathering place for people in the game? I ususally see people in Onigashima, but no one ever just talks in chat.

In game: Okazaki Kitsu 「丘咲橘」
Please add me as a friend and talk to me!
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Re: <3 I'm new and I want friends!

Postby Miyano311 » 01 Sep 2017, 22:41

Hello, and welcome to the game!

There is a Discord group chat for Onigiri players as well as a Facebook group. You can also go to Temporal Rift (accessible via crystals that can be found in town areas) where people occasionally chat. Not really recommended though.

You can join the Discord group in this page: (scroll down and you will see it).
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